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Chef’s Corner with Bill Bracken of Palm Terrace Restaurant

April 29, 2009


The Island Hotel is famous for its award-winning cuisine directed by world-recognized Executive Chef Bill Bracken.  journeyPod enjoyed a delicious tasting and wine pairing by Chef Bill at Palm Terrace Restaurant. Follow us into the kitchen…


10th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival – Celebs, Directors & Filmmakers

April 27, 2009


journeyPod was live and on the Red Carpet last Thursday evening at the 10th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival. Read on…

Robert Downey Jr. & Jamie Foxx in The Soloist – The Inside Scoop From LA Screening

April 24, 2009

journeyPod had the opportunity last week to screen the upcoming film, The Soloist, starring Robert Downey, Jr and Jamie Foxx.  The screening was part of Reel Talk with Stephen Farber.  Following the screening of The Soloist, journeyPod listened in on the revealing discussions with director Joe Wright, screenwriter Susannah Grant, and Producer Gary Foster to get some real inside scoop!  journeyPod then had an exclusive one on one interview with Stephen Farber. Read on….

Twitter is the new Black and Facebook on Steroids

April 21, 2009

Yes, we know the title is a bit long but we have a lot to say!  Twitter is the new Black since it went from something that many marketing, Internet, Web 2.0 and advanced users were doing to something even Oprah is now on overnight.  When something techy like a Blackberry or Twitter becomes super cool for leisure purposes, that’s when you can say it has come full circle into the masses (or at least the hip and trendy masses).

Twitter is Facebook on steroids because it is all about the status updates and it encourages you to post short entries many times a day rather than once a week.  Read on for the full story.

Oprah posts her first tweet on Twitter!

journeyPod Rallies Support for Ashton Kutcher at CNN Center in Atlanta as He Chases CNN on Twitter

April 16, 2009

With all of the buzz in the Social Media world about Ashton Kutcher vs CNN on Twitter and how one person like Ashton can overtake CNN for the most followers, we decided to support user generated content and join in the fun.  And since we are based in Atlanta we figured why not head down to the CNN Center or the lion’s den to see what was cookin.   Read on for the full scoop.

Ashton Kutcher Takes on Ted Turner & CNN on Twitter

April 15, 2009


journeyPod is joining with Lil Kim, Oprah and other celebrities who are rallying behind Ashton’s ambitious plans to hit 1 million followers before CNN! Read on…

Dance Music’s Best and Brightest Shine at Miami’s Winter Music Conference

April 10, 2009

As one of the world’s largest dance music events, Winter Music Conference drew thousands of industry executives, partiers and celebrity DJs to Miami Beach for 5 days of non-stop partying. Check out the biggest party in South Beach…

Chef’s Corner with Patrick Heymann of Loews Coronado Bay

April 9, 2009


journeyPod sat with Chef Patrick for a delightful tasting in Mistral–a beautiful restaurant atop the Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Mistral has an amazing view, and Chef Patrick has lots of amazing stories to share.  Read on…