Atlanta’s Best Day Spas & Top Atlanta Medical Spas

                                                                                                                                By: Carly Felton

Gone are the days when spas were simply places for serenity. As technology has evolved, so has the spa industry. Now, when one says he or she is going to the spa, it could be a fitness spa, a medical spa, a body spa or a spa-salon. Intrigued by this phenomenon, journeyPod decided to check out some of Atlanta’s top day spas.


Muse Salon & Spa

Perhaps the most posh spot in suburban Atlanta, Muse is warm, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. The friendly, caring staff, spearheaded by co-owner, celebrity stylist and L’Oreal Professional educator Daniel Jones, made me feel at home immediately. Quick and efficient, while seeming to anticipate exactly what I wanted in terms of a haircut, Jones sure has talent!

Though I was just there for a trim, I learned about INOA—the biggest revolution in hair color this century—and Muse is one of only five Atlanta salons to carry it! A coloring process that uses oil rather than ammonia, INOA smoothes out irregularities in hair, lightens up to three levels, AND returns hair to a virgin-like state after nine applications. Even after one use, hair is 35 percent stronger!

In addition to cuts, color, extensions and style, Muse offers a full menu of traditional spa services, including a detoxifying body wrap, slimming body mask, custom facial, enzyme and lunchtime peels, Swedish and deep tissue massages, waxing, tinting and makeup. Muse is located at 4620 Kimball Bridge Road in Alpharetta. For more information, call 678.393.2214 or visit


Natural Body Spa

Next on our list, Natural Body Spa is a more traditional spa, focusing on massage, manicures, pedicures, facials, body wraps, microdermabrasion, brow maintenance and other cosmetic and soothing treatments. The spa offers multiple locations around the city, but I chose the cozy Virginia Highland store for my visit.

I was greeted by my masseuse, Wannee, who led me through a series of tranquil, dimly lit hallways to a small but quaint room with soft music playing and an inviting massage bed. For one glorious hour, I was rubbed and stretched and soothed all over. Wannee performed the Natural Body Signature Organic Massage—deep tissue variety—which incorporates essential oil blends and heated compresses, along with pressure point and relaxation techniques. Designed to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation, reduce stress and improve skin and muscle tone, the massage left me feeling great!

What made Natural Body stand out above other spas was the expertise of its staff. Wannee was able to guess my profession, just based on where my muscles were stiff. She warned me that I might be sore next day and suggested I soak in an Epson salt bath to relieve some of the pain. Her advice was much appreciated and made me feel completely comfortable returning to her caring hands in the future. For locations and more information, visit


A modern apothecary offering over 90 lines of beauty products & cosmetics, Entebello knows a thing or two about luxury spa treatments.  journeyPod felt extremely groomed after experiencing the Citrus Manicure and Marine Pedicure. The Pedicure was fabulous! Designed to sooth and moisturize, this pedicure includes a gentle exfoliant, an Alpha-hydroxy foot scrub, sea serum for calluses, and a marine mask to seal in the moisture. We were told that the service is also great for pregnant ladies since the cooling marine properties help reduce swelling in the feet, ankles, and lower leg.

Don’t forget to ask about Entebello’s wonderful massage, body, hair & makeup treatments. Entebello even offers spa treatments just for men! For more information visit:!

 Progressive Medical Center                                                 

Progressive Medical Center

Beauty is more than skin deep. Progressive Medical Center approaches the objective of physical beauty (shimming hair, glowing skin, and a lean fit physique) the same way they do the treatment of chronic illness: from the inside, out! After a wonderful tour of the facility (doctors greeted us at every corner) journeyPod got to experience the Infrared Sauna which can clear skin, increase energy, aid in weight loss, and improve circulation! 30 minutes in the sauna can help lose up to 600 calories!

Other treatments include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Thyroid Testing and Treatment, Ionic Detox Footbath, Weight Management and many more! The weight management center includes a Nationally Certified Fitness Trainer, Healthy Food Consultant who actually shows you how to cook right for your body as well as a complimentary Nutritionist.  Visit Progressive Medical today:



Our final destination was Artista, a medical and fitness spa located on the lower level of the beautiful Astoria Building just south of Peachtree Battle. Separated by the building’s lobby, the medical and fitness spas are small and quiet—and thus offer some of the most personalized service around. The med spa offers facials, chemical and laser peels, microdermabrasion, massage, injectables, acne treatments, vein removal and laser hair removal; but I decided to go the fit spa route and burn some calories instead.

Arista Fitness Spa’s main attraction is a machine called the Fitvibe, which uses whole body vibration technology to accelerate muscle contractions and improve strength, power and agility; essentially achieving the benefits of a traditional one-hour gym workout in a single 20-minute session. I was skeptical, but after 20 minutes of lunges, squats, dips and crunches (one minute per exercise) while on the vibrating machine, I was exhausted. I was also itchy because the vibrations (35 hertz) boost body circulation and really get the blood flowing, but when I entered the SlimDome, I forgot all about it.

The SlimDome looks like a CAT scan machine that leaves your head free but feels like a sauna. Using infrared emissions to induce oil-based sweat from sebaceous glands, it enables users to shed up to 600 calories in a single 40-minute session—and detoxifies the body at the same time! I’m not big on intense heat, but the potential calorie loss had me sold. It wasn’t bad: I lay naked in the machine in a private room and watched TV on a flatscreen embedded in the ceiling. When I got too hot, I slid back the machine to allow some cool air in, then returned to the heat. When all was said and done, I felt great. Check it out at 2233 Peachtree Road or visit


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    […] Gone are the days when spas were simply places for serenity. As technology has evolved, so has the spa industry.  Now, when one says he or she is going to the spa, it could be a fitness spa, a medical spa, a body spa or a spa-salon. Intrigued by this phenomenon, journeyPod decided to check out some of Atlanta’s top spas. […]

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