Old School Italian In Miami


I am 100% Italian and very proud of it. So when I saw the restaurant slogan- “Where Italians go for Italian,” I was a bit skeptical. This rather bold slogan was from Hosteria Romana which is an Italian restaurant overlooking the beach at the Hotel Ocean. Let me add that since the restaurant was also located on the super touristy Ocean Drive that I was even more skeptical. Ocean Drive tends to mean inflated prices and lower quality.

So I thought I would put this so called Italian food for Italians to the test. I would bring along somebody even more discerning than me when it comes to authentic Italian. As luck would have it, my very own mother was in town and up to the task.

So how did Hosteria Romana pan out? Let’s just say this place passed with flying colors!

We sampled one of their pizzas as an appetizer and it reminded me of the pizza you get in Italy. A real pizza from a brick oven…simple yet delicious. The restaurant is also known for their homemade pastas and fresh seafood. The gnocci (that’s pronounced enyawwkee) was not too heavy and very tasty. Gnocci is the heaviest of pastas and can often be too much, but these were just as perfect as when we had them in Florence. The pesto sauce complimented the dish without drowning out the pasta. The mushroom cream sauce was another fan favorite.

Maybe it was the European courtyard oozing with old world charm. Or the red and black checkboard tablecloths. Or the fastest food runner in South Beach whizzing by so gracefully. But it all seemed to come together. Even the service was great including a tableside presentation for dessert. If you are looking for real Italian food in Miami, you must try this place.

Thx to 33ff.com for the Italy flag.


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