The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck


Contributed by: Ashley Everhart

Blythe Beck: Executive Chef of Hotel Palomar’s premier restaurant Central 214 and star of the Oxygen channel’s, The Naughty Kitchen.

OK, so a little background: I’m a chef’s kid. I practically grew up in the kitchen, where ‘sous’ in sous-chef was my required first word. This upbringing has afforded me the pleasure of dining at some of the finest establishments, by some of the most talented chefs in culinary arts. So, when journeyPod assigned me Chef Blythe Beck needless to say, given my foodie background, her reputation preceded her! The scuttlebutt was this: Blythe wasn’t a conformer, in fact she may even ruffle industry feathers, and she isn’t like any celebrity chef Dallas has ever seen. This just further intrigued us and having never seen her hit show, we just couldn’t wait to find out… What exactly is a “Naughty” kitchen??!!

journeyPod was greeted by the vivacious chef herself and quickly presented with round after round of nothing but the best off of Blythe’s menu. With each course we never knew what to expect from Blythe… her sass, and nearly intoxicating personality brought the experience to life. Now, when she dropped off what was clearly deviled eggs, I gave the ‘huh’ look. In a fine dinning restaurant? Really? Ironically, the only word that came to mind: how wonderfully ‘naughty’! 

The deviled eggs were plated with crispy prosciutto wrapped cheddar, doused in apple bbq sauce, and drizzled with spicy avocado. I do believe the shrimp and cayenne deviled eggs was our favorite appetizer. Ok, wait or was it the spicy fried lobster with bacon-cheddar grits?! OK, it’s a tie. Who cares- all I knew was it was reminiscent of being back home in Georgia: deviled eggs, cheesy grits, and bbq sauce. BUT with an intelligent, risqué twist that was seamless. 





The main course: An unforgettable double-boned pork chop, paired with apple thyme bread pudding, with a sweet apricot glaze; Chicken fried kobe steak, slow braised mustard greens, butter whipped potatoes, with bacon-red eye gravy.  

Ingredients that are so sinfully delicious, one is forced to revel in the Naughty culture. The highlight of this feast was watching my dad, the chef, take his first bite of the diver scallops. So impressed he stopped mid chew and gave a verbal “wow”, a rare compliment paid. It was truly perfectly prepared with a corn-bacon succotash, so succulent it literally seamed to melt in your mouth. Just when we couldn’t take another bite, Chef Blythe and her marvelous staff delivered one of almost every desert on the menu!

While there were notable delights that would sure cripple your sweet tooth and send your taste buds dancing– The menu began and ended with one item for this chocoholic:  The chocolate fudge waffle with peanut butter ice cream, caramelized bananas, and drizzled in chocolate sauce. There were no words. 

Simply put: It’s one of the most remarkable pieces of chocolate heaven we had ever had. We totally get why this was THE dish that sealed Blythe’s job at Central 214!!  When complemented, her response: “That’s how we do”, with a sassy wink.





Yes, Chef that is how you do J The scuttlebutt was correct, Blythe is not like any other chef—and that’s what we love about you. Keep painting the world Naughty!

NOTE: Favorite wines off the wine list: Charles and Charles, Syrah Rose and Marenco Moscato d’Asti (desert wine)

After dinner, journeyPod had the chance to ask the ‘naughty’ chef a few questions:

1. Ok, so we are dying to know what exactly is a Naughty Kitchen and how exactly does a chef go about getting one? I am called the Naughty Chef who has the Naughty Kitchen because I subscribe to three philosophies in life. 1) Naughty Cooking: beer, butter, pork fat, cream, and love.  2) Naughty Living: showing up and being exactly who you are. 3) Naughty Love: Hearting people and leaving things just a little bit pinker than you found them.

2. Getting to showcase what the Naughty Kitchen is all about on national television must be a dream come true! What’s been the highlight of the adventure? There have been so many, but the true highlight is the FANS. They are so fired up and so genuinely sweet and interested. The biggest moments for me are when the fans say, “OMG…there is someone on TV that looks like me or sounds like me” and that I inspire them. That is the most beautiful and the most humbling thing someone can hear.

3. How has becoming a celebrity chef changed your life? Well, it makes going to the grocery store a little more interesting and a bit more difficult. It is great. I get recognized and I get to meet the people that heart me or my cooking, but it has also opened up a lot of doors and I feel very blessed for every chance and opportunity that I am given!

4. The foodie business can get quite competitive. What has it been like, being a woman who is breaking the mold– pioneering her own concept in a predominantly male industry? Being a female in this industry is extremely difficult. It has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do but it comes with great rewards. Hopefully, young girls will see that and know that they can be ANYBODY they want to be! It is all about LASER FOCUS!I don’t worry about what the boys are doing; I just stay completely focused and keep my eye on the prize…Total World Culinary Domination or TWCD for short!

5. Ok- besides yourself-who do you want to cook your food? NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!

6. What’s the strangest request you’ve ever received from a guest? I had to cook a 5 course vegan meal. That was quite a challenge!

7. What advice would you give a cooking enthusiast? Stay passionate, use a sharp knife, and ignore recipes. Follow your gut, put your love on it, and season well. Oh, and butter fixes all!

8. Would you kindly share one of your ‘naughty’ signature recipes with us?

Central 214 – Chef Blythe Beck’s
Pan Seared Diver Scallops with Corn Bacon Succotash
3 fresh Diver Scallops
4 TBLS fresh corn
4 TBLS fresh peas
2 TBLS diced bacon
1 tsp chopped garlic
1 tsp chopped shallots
3 TBLS white wine
3 TBLS heavy cream
4 TBLS unsalted butter
Kosher salt
Canola oil
In sauté pan melt butter. Add garlic and toast lightly. Add shallots. Add bacon and allow to render. Fold in corn and peas. Season with salt. Deglaze with white wine. Allow wine to cook off. Pour in cream. Allow to reduce. Will cream is reducing; begin heating a new sauté pan. Pour in Canola oil. Season scallops on both sides with salt and sear on both sides for 1.5 minutes.
In a large bowl place your succotash on bottom, then place scallops on top of succotash. Enjoy!



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