Best Travel Gear & Accessories – Part I

Planning the perfect getaway, but you’re already overwhelmed on what to pack, how to do it and where to begin. journeyPod is here to the resuce! Since even the long-awaited luxury vacation can turn into a nightmare without the best gear and accessories, journeyPod searched high and low to round up some of the best items.

So whether you’re planning a quick getaway with your girlfriends, a weeklong romantic rendezvous to Europe or a round-the-world excursion – here are some items to help you do it right.

Packing For The Trip:


Pack This! Pads  – We all know… it’s not very fun to arrive to your destination, only to realize you’ve forgotten a lot of what you intended to bring along.  Pack This! Pads are your best remedy! An exhaustive checklist that has anything and everything you can ever imagine… this is all you’ll need to get your packing done right.  All you’ve to worry about now, is making sure to catch your flight in time!

Nozin® Nasal SanitizerTravel Pack – With cold and flu season in full swing – don’t put yourself at risk of infection.  Nozin, a non-prescription, anti-microbial solution has been designed to fight harmful germs.  Safe for the nose, highly effective and long lasting, Nozin helps reduce the risk from harmful germs when administered prior to exposure to crowded areas (like the airplane)!

Quik Pod – The world’s first extendable handheld tripod, Quik Pod helps you take your own photo without the help of strangers!  You know what that means? No more excuses on why your face isn’t in any picture or why that self-portrait only caught the top of your head!  A lightweight (just 3.5 ounces), plastic and pocket-sized telescoping monopod – its a great little accessory for any digital camera or camcorder.

No Jet-Lag® – No need to worry about coping with jet lag any longer!  No Jet-Lag is a natural homeopathic chewable tablet that lasts during flight time and helps to avoid feeling any of those annoying symptoms, instead keeping your body clock in sync!

Avancé – Cares to GoStill feeling jet-lagged?  Make sure to bring along a “Jet Lag Legs” and “Sweet Dreams” Cares to go pack. With these two accessories in your bag, we’re sure you’ll ease the discomfort most of us get after flying and help get yourself a restful sleep too!

Comfort & Conveniences

Cabin Cuddler – Hate the traditional skimpy airplane blankets and the germ-infested pillows?  Here’s the perfect travel blanket and pillow!  Compactly designed inside its own tote bag, The Cabin Cuddler is a lightweight micro-fleece blanket with a unique wrap-around body contouring design created to keep you warm in even the coldest conditions – like when the flight attendants forget to turn up those thermostats!

Cashmere Travel Pillow – Since it’s all about the journey – why not make it luxurious! Treat yourself to a soft cashmere travel pillow.  Its soft, stuffed with buckwheat hull (for neck support) and can be monogrammed – might as well travel in comfort and first-class style!    

White + Warren Luxury Travel Set – The ultimate jet-set accessory for any discerning traveler, this decadent cashmere kit that fits into a convenient silk pouch includes a blanket (which also doubles as a trendy wrap), a luxurious eye mask and slippers.

InFlight Charger – Ever find yourself mid-flight with the “Battery Low” indicator flashing on your phone or MP3 player?  Inflight Power presents a battery charger for your air trips.  By plugging Inflight Charger into the passenger seat audio jack, the device outputs regulated power to the attached USB charging cable to give your iPod, Blackberry or phone more juice! 


Soap Unltd.’s Pure Soap Leafz – You’re beginning to wonder if they ever refill the soap dispensers in public restrooms!  With this wonderful accessory – you’ll have your own soap with you.  Ideal for washing hands when you’re on the move, Pure Soap Leafz are sheets of pure soap that dissolve instantly in warm water – packed inside a convenient little personal compact case that contains 35 sheets.  The company also offers Laundry Leafz – perfect for washing your delicates when traveling.

Handy Solutions

Baggalini Toiletry KitThe right toiletry bag will not only keep everything neat, but will refrain you from going mad trying to pack essentials.  And, with a tag line that reads, “designed by flight attendants, approved by travelers” – who wouldn’t be sold on this classic travel bag that’s roomy enough to fit full size bottles!

T3 Tourmaline – Overnight Dryer – The perfect traveling companion – this lightweight dryer (weighing in at only 11 ounces) is 1200 watts, dual-voltage and compact.  What more do you need from a dryer, right?  There’s more!  This handy accessory reduces drying time by up to 60%, due to T3’s patented Flawless™ tourmaline process.   


GoSMILE Jet Set KitDoctor recommended, journeyPod approved!  GoSmile is a natural whitening fluoride toothpaste that safely cleans – even after you’ve had your fifth cup of coffee after polishing off a bottle of red wine the night before.  Infused with essential oils, the set includes an AM and PM Toothpaste, plus a travel-sized toothbrush in a handy travel clutch – that also conveniently meets today’s pesky TSA regulations.

Warren-Tricomi Mini Flat Iron – Another great travel companion for all those who enjoy a sleek blow-out look while on the road!  This mini professional, plug-in hair straightener is only 6 inches long – small and compact enough to fit into any suitcase or carry-on.  And, it heats up in no time – which also makes for a quick touch up at the airport.  No excuse for stepping off the tarmac looking anything but your best!

Clarins Suncare  – Heading out of the cold to bask in the sun someplace in the Caribbean?  Don’t dare step foot into the sunlight without something on your skin. For over 50 years, Clarins has been providing gentle, yet effective benefits with some of the best skincare and suncare products on the market.  Go for the UV Plus (an ultra protective day screen) – it’s all you’ll need while enjoying your toes in the sand and a Piña Colada in hand!  


Anthony Logistics For Men – Call To Action Kit  – Want some of the best grooming products on the market?  Go for the action-packed grooming set from Anthony Logistics – includes a Facial Cleanser, Face Scrub, Sea Salt Body Scrub and After Shave Balm. Best of all… its available in a reusable travel bag that fits snuggly into the shoe compartment of your luggage.

 Check out Part II  – with even more of the Best Travel Gear & Accessories


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