Bartenders With The Right Pour

There’s nothing better than finding that bar or lounge where as you walk in the bartender has your drink and spot ready for you. “How did he know?” you ask. (Probably cause you’ve become a regular!)

A good bartender – AKA a mixologist or bar chef – knows how to keep your drink appetite fulfilled by mixing just the right amount of alcohol with fresh juices and other mixers. He or she knows that a shakin’ martini should have slivers of ice floating on the top and use crushed ice for a traditional mojito! 

journeyPod wants to introduce you to our favorite bar staff who’ll always make you feel welcome, serve you only the best and will remember your name for the next time you visit! Now, get ready to read about your new favorite hotspots:     



Milk and Honey (London) – Put on your best pearls and bring along your Meerschaum cigarette holders – this is a place that teleports you back to the roaring 30’s. Grab your partner and sway to the Glen Miller Orchestra’s “Moonlight Serenade” and then recover at the bar with a classic champagne cocktail made with cognac, sugar and bitters. 

Rose Bar at the Delano (Miami) – Talk about an ideal people-watching place! A swanky SoBe mainstay, Rose Bar is where guests can view each other through the proverbial rose-colored glasses – a unique touch that flatters the appearance-conscious crowd at this glamorous and sophisticated space. Lounge music sets the mood as international beauties and celebrity-types sip Cosmos, Appletinis and Long islands while they mingle their way throughout the lounge and outdoor terrace.

Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza) – The most beautiful sunset you’ll ever experience as you sit at this world -famous beach bar and overlook the island of Conejera. Let the bartender mix you a fruity concoction while you dig your toes in the sand.

Agency Wine Bar (Dubai) – With a selection of 500 wines to choose from, this dark cocktail-style destination will make you forget your worries at the door. Enjoy South African Shiraz and nibble on a cheese fondue at this fashionable lounge located in the Emirates Tower. Just be prepared, the friendly staff may make you want to cancel all other obligations.

Tryst at the Wynn (Las Vegas) – From the moment you descend the marble staircase leading to Tryst, it becomes exceptionally evident that a distinctly unique nightlife experience awaits you. You’ll enjoy observing the striking cocktail servers dressed in alluring attire (yes, you will need a bib). The bartenders show off their flair and exceptional mixing skills – so sit back and enjoy.

N-Joy (Amsterdam) – This uber-cool club boasts more than just great DJs who spin the latest sounds… at N-Joy you’ll find really good cocktails made from the most creative bartenders. Lillyin is a true artist who mixes the best pineapple n’ cream rum drink as well as a cucumber and strawberry surprise.  

Danzatoria (Barcelona) – A beautiful three-story suburban house, Danzatoria is located on a hill that’s been turned into a swanky bar. Said to be the place of the attractive people in Barcelona, the crowd here mingles and struts around the corridors of this palazzo. Sangria at Danzatoria is the (good) strong kind – not the watery mixture you might find in the cafes at the plazas.

Hotel Costes Bar (Paris) – Jacques Garcia’s imagination ran wild when he was commissioned to create Paris’ most talked about hotel and his originality is evident in the bar here. A destination spot for most fashion followers, Hotel Costes Bar has developed a very personal atmosphere over the years and is dedicated to the details. Whether you’re feeling like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan Martin, the bar chef will make it just the way you like.

The Mansion on Peachtree (Atlanta) – This place stands out for its super innovative Mixologist, Stephanie Ruhe, and her sexy creations.  Try the NEOpolitan with Hangar One Mandarin Vodka or the Lady Sapphire with Chamomile infused Bombay Sapphire Gin, Lemongrass and Cuerenta Y Tres (Liquor 43 as many Americans call it).  Steph bested other bartenders when she won The Grand Marnier Summit in 2007, so you know she always brings her A Game.    

Peninsula Club Bar (Los Angeles) – This intimate bar is decorated with Californian birch paneled walls and an impressive collection of rare vintage ports and cognacs. Feeling posh? Dress up in your finest and let the bartender recommend a smooth whisky for you to sip on.

Tokyo Bar (Montreal) – If you combine ambience, amicable staff and hopping resident DJs then you know you’ve found the bar with the right concoction. Tokyo Bar has sold over 1 million martinis to regulars that just keep coming back over and over again.

Heineken Brewery (Amsterdam) – A day of touring and learning the craft of brewing will get anyone’s mouth watering… just ask Mike (winner for top bartender) to pour you a nice cold one and experience Heineken at its freshest.

Voda Bar (Los Angeles) – Matty serves the best Zubrowka and Apple Juice at this shi-shi bar located in the trendy area of Santa Monica. (And, in case you’re wondering… it’s a boutique Russian bisongrass vodka).

Whisky Bar at the W Hotel (Chicago) – Guests enjoy the panoramic view of Chicago’s skyline and Lake Michigan at this cool rooftop bar. Just make sure you ask Alicia for a Super Side Car made from Remy VSOP, Cointreau, fresh lime and Sweet and Sour mix when you get there.

Hemingway Bar at the Ritz Carlton (Paris) – This is where Mr. Hemingway himself liked to indulge in a nice fine wine and good conversation. Today, this piano bar attracts the rich n’ famous who enjoy dressing in their finest and don’t mind paying a few extra Euros for good service.

Chambar (Vancouver) – Indulge in Belgian tapas (the Congolaisse mussels are awesome) at this swanky – yet comfortable – restaurant. Ask one of the very attentive bar staff to whip you up a Ruby Wednesday – a smooth blend of gin, muddled with black currant, red capsicum and pressed apple.

Martini Ranch (San Diego) – Want to get shaken, not stirred? You’re sure to find a martini here for you. Whether you’re old school and prefer the class with gin or vodka, or maybe you want to break tradition and try one of Martini Ranch’s 50 hand-blended choices, chances are – you’ve never seen one made like this! This multi-level venue will entertain all its guests with the twin 10 ft. HD projection televisions (playing the days games, classic clips of favorite movies and the latest music videos).

Ocean Club (Vancouver) – This lounge has a very Miami beach feel to it with an incredibly friendly staff. Let one of the meisters make you an Iced Wine Martini made from vodka, ice wine, muddled fresh grapes, lime, eldeflower cordial and white cranberry juice – you’ll quickly find one is just not enough. Here’s a tip: Sundays save on 1/2 price Mojitos and bring your friends on a Monday for 25% off bottles of wine.


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    […] wants to introduce you to our favorite bar staff who’ll always make you feel welcome, serve you only the best and will remember your name for the […]

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