Cupcake Competition Takes the Cake

By: Jamie Wigginton

If you’re in the mood for an elegant snack or planning a wedding and want more than a one flavored, towering cake, you may be like thousands of others who are following along with the cupcake phenomena. No longer are these conveniently sized, delectable desserts strictly reserved for birthdays and cookouts, they have become mastered in to a delicious art.


Host of Food Network’s, Cupcake Wars, Candance Nelson, owns the acclaimed cupcake bakery, Sprinkles, in Beverly Hills, CA. Not only is Sprinkles the world’s first cupcake bakery but it carries 25 flavors (not including a doggie cupcake) that are available different days throughout the week. Sprinkles flavors change throughout the year, as they try to keep them seasonal. Some of their summer flavors include: summer cherry and key lime pie. They even have options like gluten free and vegan red velvet. Customers can also chose from a variety of decorations that are perfect for a personal party, wedding or a corporate event. 


Each week contestants on Cupcake Wars are given themed challenges to compete for the end prize of $10,000 and a chance to showcase their cupcakes at special events. Challenge themes range from Bollywood, Tim Burton, Kentucky Derby and Space: The Final Frontier, which included special guest judge, NASA astronaut, Tracy Caldwell Dyson. All themes inspire flavorful recipes and creative decorations. However, contestants are judged by categories like flavor, textures, filling, topping and decoration.

Picture of Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake Recipe

The cupcake and the cake have no true feuds as Cupcake Wars was recently featured on Food Networks hit show, Ace of Cakes. The winner of a Cupcake Wars challenge won the opportunity to feature their cupcake for Ace of Cakes 100th episode celebration. Contestant Jessica Cuff won the challenge with her chocolate marshmallow cupcake recipe. Jessica owns restaurant and café, The Coffee Shop, with her sister in Agritopia, Arizona. They are known for their unusual flavors like coffee and cigarettes.  If you’re hungry for more than dessert, The Coffee Shop also serves breakfast and lunch!



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