Most Annoying Twitter Celebs To “Unfollow”

If you look up to celebrities on Twitter for the “bird of mouth” on interesting news stories, words of wisdom and a fun insider look into their fabulous life – you might want to exclude a few of these from your list…

As an active daily twitter user, journeyPod has compiled a list of celebs who have a serious “twattitude” or are just plain pointless to follow. 

To begin, lets define some of the Twitter language used with each annoying celebrity listed below:

Twirk: Twitter + Irk = Twirk – The things people Tweet or the ways they Tweet that are truly annoying!

Twattitude: English people who are annoying on twitter. 

Smore: Social Media whore. They often have thousands of followers on twitter but don’t follow anyone back.
TrashTweeter: Someone who tweets trash or talks trash on twitter.
Bulltwitters: Tweeple Who Embroider Their Tweets With Bulltwit!
Now let’s get to your new “Unfollow” list:
Tila Tequila (@TilaOMG) – Is a perfect example of a TrashTweeter! Having started her own rumor that she was pregnant and then later denying it, it’s tweets like these that put her on the top of our list: “OHHH I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!!! I’m currently featured in “THE SOURCE” magazine out this month!!!!!! SOOOOO HOT!!!! Imma blog about it! hehe.”

P. Diddy/Dirty Money/Puff Daddy (@iamdiddy) – A true self promoter, this frequent name-changer doesn’t know how to talk about anything but himself!  

Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) – His random outbursts have titled him our “Twirk” of the list. Here is one of his adorable tweets:  “Send me pics of your #BOING or some1 elses #BOING. Capture the essence of #BOING itself! (no genitals pls) ~8^}€=;“.

Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) – Kim uses Twitter to talk about her favorite person in the world…herself! Here’s one of our favorite tweets:  “With the holidays coming up, consider giving a Karadashian Kard as a stocking stuffer -” -why in the world would anyone want this??

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 (@adamlevine) – We’d like to label Adam a “bulltwitter” for tweets like this: “Just landed in Rome…Take me to the pizza…(said in zombie voice)” or “why does my room smell like baby shit? it aint mine. mine smells of roses and fresh lavender…”

Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton): Oh Paris, why oh why are you on Twitter if you’re going to schedule the exact same good morning and good night message every single day? Here’s the replica tweet to expect every morning: “Good morning everyone! Have a great day! Xoxo Paris Going to bed. Tweet dreams everyone. Xo Paris.”

Lindsay Lohan (@LindsayLohan) – We’re torn on whether to call Lindsay a “TrashTweeter” or a “Smore”… Lindz – you’re a celebrity, act like it! People would love to hear about your experiences backstage at the Tonight Show or what new upscale restaurant you’ve dined at. Frankly, your tweets bore us! Step it up!

Did we miss any celeb “tweeples” from this list? We’d be happy to receive your suggestions on Twitter –


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