Chef’s Corner with Sandee Birdsong


A Georgia native who’s never spent a day in culinary school, Sandee Birdsong has sure got fervor! Originally hired to play the role of “line cook”, Birdsong worked her way up to Executive Chef of Tantra Restaurant & Lounge (the role she proudly serves today) in one of South Beach’s hottest dining spots!

Specializing in dishes inspired by Southern herbs and spices, she uses exquisite ingredients and unique artistic designs to create a menu of pure culinary delights. And her love of great food and fascination with world cuisine generates an aphrodisiac experience that’s unlike anything you’ve had! Trust us!

Follow journeyPod as we chat it up with this self-taught culinary mastermind, ranked one of the “Hottest Chefs in South Florida”: 


How did you get your start in cooking?  Did you learn to cook at home? 

I have enjoyed cooking at my home for the past 12 years and became quite good at entertaining.  I was very green when it came to cooking in a professional kitchen but I knew that I could excel if given the chance.  I requested a position at Tantra Restaurant where I worked for three days proving myself to the chef and coworkers before given a permanent position.  I worked extremely hard and within two weeks was given a new position, Kitchen Manager.  I worked day and night handling most of the operations of the restaurant and after two months the owner asked me to be Executive Chef.

Tell us about your signature cuisine 

American Eclectic is probably not a type of cuisine most people have heard of and neither did I until I could not figure out exactly where I fit in. It truly fits my style as I set no boundaries for my ingredients and mix several different cultures into my cooking to create unique dishes.

What’s an upcoming trend in cooking?

I love using ingredients that are traditionally sweet as savory and savory as sweet.  Chefs are creating wonderful dishes using this philosophy.

What’s your favorite indulgence food?   

 Cheese.  I would put cheese in every dish if I could.

If you were an ingredient what would you be?

  Passion Fruit.

With all the food choices in Miami, why should foodies check out Tantra Restaurant & Lounge?

We are by far the most unique restaurant in South Beach and all my ingredients are from the best sources available.  Our “Aphrodisiac Inspired Cuisine” is unique and as a foodie myself, love to find a chef that goes beyond the norm.

If you didn’t do this for a living, what would you do?

I’d be a glass blower – my other passion in life.  Or a traveling professional, snowboarder. 


Tantra Restaurant & Lounge is one of South Beach’s sexiest and most exotic culinary dining destinations. Offering an unforgettable aphrodisiac-inspired international fusion menu of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Indian delights – there’s no other place to indulge in your deepest senses. Go ahead, we dare you!

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    […] Follow journeyPod as we catch up with this self-taught culinary mastermind ranked as “One of the Hottest Chefs in South Florida”. […]

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