Thailand Luxury Travel Tips For Hangover 2 Film Location

For the past 2 weeks, moviegoers have watched The “Wolfpack” make their way through Thailand (barely). The growing interest in this beautiful South East Asian country inspired us here at journeyPod to write a quick destination guide retelling our experience. Please note, if you see a monkey smoking a cigartte, be afraid…be very afraid!

The stunning wedding scene & worst wedding rehearsal speech of the decade of The Hangover 2 were both filmed at the newly opened Phulay Bay Ritz Carlton in the southern province of Krabi. journeyPod explored Krabi Town, where we were greeted by a most unusual landmark – cavemen holding up traffic signals! We slurped our way through noddle shops & drank Singha beer all day!

We recommend staying at the Rayavadee Resort (meaning “Island of Princess”) at the tip of the Krabi peninsula. After saying goodbye to Krabi, we rented a car and drove 20 minutes to the touristy town of Ao Nang where we enjoyed authentic Pad Thai and kao neaw ma mung (mango sticky rice) – delicious and fattening!

For those of you planning your trip to Thailand or as Alan calls it “Thigh-land”, we just want to mention that Krabi is not a short boat ride away from the city centre of Bangkok. Although Bradley Cooper and the boys did look pretty cool riding that speed boat right into the wedding, it is actually a lot further away than that.

Our next stop was the private island of Naka, which was followed by rich man’s playground that is Phucket. Phuket is indeed touristy. But journeyPod was able to cut through the commercialism and head off the beaten path while still experiencing some of the local sights like The Big Buddha & Chalong Temple.

We stayed on Naka Island — home to the new Six Senses Destination Spa. If you’re thinking super-spa, you couldn’t be more wrong!  Six Senses Destination Spa is the anti-super spa. This is the place to come if you really want to get away and experience an overall change in wellness. Oh, and your butler will take care of everything for you. It’s luxury and wellness combined! In fact, the Prince of Dubai recently stayed there!

For more Thailand Travel Tips, check out our luxury travel podcast from Thailand!


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