Bahrain the “Pearl of the Gulf”


Discover Bahrain, the “Pearl of the Gulf”

A small island located in the Persian Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain exudes true luxury. From the impeccable service you feel at one of the award-winning restaurants to the five-star quality found in each of the hotels – this is destination to unwind and experience an introduction to Middle Eastern culture. Attached to Saudi Arabia by a causeway, this magnificent “Pearl Of The Gulf” has an International flair like no other (also the main reason most expatriates never ever leave).

The opportunities for travelers in Bahrain are endless… from bustling souks to dhow rides, the Arabic culture is surely something to marvel at. Take a trip to Al Dar Island, parasail over the Persian Gulf or pearl dive with the fishermen! Going for dinner in Bahrain can also easily become a similarly pleasurable pastime and the normal way of life – since this destination is no stranger to good food! You’ll find the range of options available to you immense. Now here are our journeyPod picks for some of the top dining destinations:

Café Italia: The Seafood pasta will leave your mouth tingling with delight at this authentic Italian restaurant. The chef actually cooks the pizza right in front of your eyes – so you can rest assured it’s prepared exactly the way you like it.

Zoey’s: A converted old two-story Bahraini villa decorated in modern bright colors, this chic Continental eatery offers fresh salads and unbelievable Chicken dishes. Zoey is a place that helps folks relax on the patio, while dining on some amazing fare – making you feel as if you’re visiting a café in the heart of Spain.

Hong Kong: The Head Chef at Hong Kong served his apprenticeship in the kitchens of Chairman Mao – impressive, ey? The double-cooked chicken has been a local favorite for over 15 years, but you’ll also need to make room for the Hot & Sour soup – the best on the Island.

Roma: Another extremely popular dining destination where great service and first class Regional Italian food excels. The simple Fettuccini Alfredo will do the trick here – and be prepared for the complimentary after-dinner drink sent out from the owner himself. Excellent entertainment compliments this fine dining experience.

Sato: This Japanese steakhouse is more than just great sushi, teppanyaki and sake. Sato is entertainment at its best, as chefs show off their impressive tricks and keep the guests pleasantly amused day in and day out. With the culinary skills you’ll see at Sato, prepare to be amazed as well (and totally satisfied).

Charcoal Grill: You definitely don’t need a tuxedo to visit this place! This ‘hole-n-the-wall’ serves scrumptious portions of Afghani kebabs, Iranian dishes and Indian curries. The food here is as good as some of the cuisine found in 5-star restaurants!

As opposed to many Arabic nations, drinking is part of the International culture in Bahrain and is done with remarkable taste! Whether you feel like a pint at the British Club or a martini at one of the many chic lounges, Bahrain has an array of options in this department:


Mirai Lounge: The A-list crowd gather here for great “fusion food” and listen to the very latest European trance and hip-hop beats. Sample the summer’s favorite techno mixes from Ibiza with resident DJ Matt C. – who often keeps the crowd rockin’ all night long! Many top names in the music industry make regular guest appearances at Mirai and reservations are usually advised (and sometimes necessary months ahead).

Oliveto Lounge: A great wine bar and restaurant located in Adliya (in the north of the Island), Oliveto is the perfect destination for wine connoisseurs and trendsetters alike! This is also an ideal place to get your night started – sharing Italian dishes and sipping on a new Syrah.

Trader Vics: This world-famous chain serves some of the most amazing Tika Puka Pukas and Zombies, as well as Poo Poo platters. Don’t ask! Just trust us – and go ahead and try the stuff! The theme is Caribbean and the crowd enjoys the fruity, yet powerful cocktails, which are known to get even the couch potatoes dancing (even if there’s no music playing).

Senor Pacos:  Talk about a stiff Margarita and fun live music! The staff here pours excellent drinks and the vibe is welcomingly contagious. Sing along with the band to karaoke favorites and get ready for a blast at Senor Pacos! The whole place has been known to erupt in song as one.

The climate in Bahrain is hot and tropical – perfect to bronze your body by the serene pool of one of these exclusive resorts: shorts, sandals and T-shirts only! 

 Banyan Tree Desert Resort and Spa: After much anticipation, the doors to this mega-deluxe resort have finally opened! Just in time for Formula One, this hideaway sold out within days of opening. Situated in an intriguing landscape of well-preserved forts, the oasis at the Banyan Tree Desert Resort and Spa is the talk of the town. Experience rejuvenating spa treatments, indulge in Arabic cuisine, cool off in the vitality pool and relax in one of the 78-themed luxury bungalows.

Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel and Spa: Our pick for Most Luxurious Pools In The World, this posh retreat will leave anyone feeling pampered and relaxed. With the newly renovated Club levels that provide a personal butler, Internet access, complimentary drinks and breakfast – this hotspot it has been drawing in the business crowd. Though the waterside villas are perfect for a romantic escape for just about anyone. All 7 restaurants here offer only the finest and the spa was recently voted “Best Hotel Spa in the Middle East”.

Al Bandar Hotel and Resort: The beachside chalets offer all the comfort and privacy needed for the perfect getaway at Al Bandar Hotel and Resort. Rent a jet ski and anchor it to your cabana or grab your morning coffee and robe and look out on to the perfect scenery. At night, wine and dine at the Fish Market Restaurant, where chefs serve some of the freshest oysters and Hamour (a Red Sea Fish of the Grouper family) you’ll ever get to try. Shout-out to Deena for her excellent recommendations!


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  1. Bahrain the "Pearl of the Gulf" « Luxury Lifestyle Blog Says:

    […] The opportunities in Bahrain are endless. From bustling souks to dhow rides, the Arabic culture is something to marvel at. Take a trip to Al Dar island, Parasail over the Persian Gulf or Pearl dive with the fishermen! Read on to hear about our favorite picks in Bahrain… […]

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