World’s Best Eco-Friendly Destinations – Part II

King Pacific Lodge - BC Canada By: Kim Michele

As we continue our ecotourism world tour, journeyPod finds itself at one of the most magnificent wilderness eco resorts ever built. Deep in the heart of the Canadian wilderness on one of the most unique floating fishing lodges in British Columbia, lies the King Pacific Lodge. Moored in the shelter of Barnard Harbour on Princess Royal Island, King Pacific Lodge was designed for absolute comfort and positioned to capture the spectacular views of the landscape. The lodge, open from May through October, is a remarkably civilized place amidst absolute wilderness offering one-of-a-kind luxury adventure travel.

The lodge was founded with a commitment to creating a viable and sustainable model of eco-friendly tourism, including leaving the lightest imprint possible on the local land and sea, strong support of conservancy efforts, and developing a supportive relationship with the indigenous people. In addition they have played an important role in establishing and protecting the Great Bear Rainforest and actively promote ecotourism by participating in a ‘playing for good’ promotion where the resort donates funds to local conservation and wildlife charities every time a guest books an eco-adventure tour. Looking for more eco-adventure?

Then a trip to South African should definitely be on your list. The Grootbos Private Nature Reserve located in the Western part of the Cape Province, has two incredible lodges set in lush indigenous surroundings. The classic Garden Lodge makes for an ideal family getaway while the new Forest Lodge with its contemporary, modern style appeals more to the cosmopolitan traveler. Set among ancient Milkwood trees in the largest Milkwood forest in the world, the private suites provide the ideal surroundings to relax and unwind while encircled by true African nature. All this, while enjoying the luxury of being pampered by five-star hospitality! What makes this lodge eco-friendly you might wonder?

Well since its conception, Grootbos Nature Reserve has dedicated their time and energy to the biodiversity of Grootbos town and its surrounding areas helping with the development of sustainable nature based livelihoods through ecotourism, research, management and education. They have successfully restored a huge part of the areas indigenous flora and fauna and educated both the local community and visitors in the biological, historical and cultural heritage of the Western Cape. They have taken a leading role in conservation initiatives in the region while promoting awareness amongst local and disadvantaged communities.

So, whatever destination you choose to visit, if you want to make a difference on the eco-system and not leave a footprint on “Mother Earth” – try visiting an eco-friendly resort. Even if the particular resort you are staying at doesn’t completely comply with the eco-friendly requirements, you as an eco-traveler can still make a difference!

Happy Travels!

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    […] As we continue our ecotourism world tour, finds itself at one of the most magnificent wilderness eco resorts ever build. Read on… […]

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