Best Strange and Unusual Haunted Halloween Attractions in the USA

 Top Spine-Chilling Haunts:

Get into the Halloween Spirit From Coast to Coast!

By: Madison Marshall

For those who dare venture for a spooky getaway this fall, look no further! Find the yourself in the Halloween spirit, surrounded by history, rich culture, great fall foods, ghosts, and ghouls! We’re excited to highlight a round-up of spine-chilling destinations and rentals across the country where you can spend your favorite haunted holiday and return to tell the tale!

Savannah claims the eerie title “supernatural capital of the South,” which sounds about right considering most of the downtown area was built on top of cemeteries dating back to its first colonists (and to Indian burial grounds before that!..Don’t go into the light Carol-Anne!!) Relaxation comes naturally in the quiet calm of Savannah life, but don’t get too comfortable before experiencing the many parks, cemeteries, historical buildings, and ghost tours available.

Bonaventure Cemetary, a popular spot on Savannah’s ghost tours

There are plenty of lodgings ‘off the beaten path’ where you can experience a more personalized and unique side of Savannah full of Southern charm and mystery. A frequent stop on many popular walking ghost tours, Laura’s Cottage is said to be haunted by a friendly ghost whom many guests have seen! The adorable 18thcentury cottage has been updated to comfortably accommodate visitors with heating, a fireplace, and has a loft! Also, to add appeal to movie lovers, Laura’s Cottage appears in ‘The Conspirator,’ Robert Redford’s newest film.

Many West Coast destinations, including the 1880 Union Hotel in Los Alamos, California, give Savannah haunts a run for their money, offering the beauty and luxury of wine country mixed with the eerie elegance of the old West. The 1880 offers fourteen unique rooms decorated to depict the Victorian era in which the hotel was built.

While you’re in California, make sure to remember your costume if you plan on joining over half a million people at the country’s largest Halloween street party. Santa Monica Boulevard has to be shut down to make room for the festivities at the West Hollywood Costume Carnival!

The OK Street Jailhouse in Bisbee, Arizona still housed inmates until 1915. Now it has become a spooky point of interest for history buffs and thrill-seekers alike! Lock yourself up with luxury; the jailer’s office has become a sitting room and the confinement cell a closet! Lot’s of supernatural activity has been spotted here, including ‘orb’ sightings!Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada during Halloween is a great time to take one of the best celebrity ghost tours. Many tour guides reveal the location of the famous ‘Motel of Death,’ which is supposedly haunted by many beloved celebrities! Halloween in Vegas can be the most exciting time of the year if you’re in the mood for endless parties and wild costumes!

Home of the 1962 Salem Witch Trials, Salem, Massachusettes stretches Halloween celebrations out all month with historic re-enactments, parades, and countless other festivities! Visit the Salem Witch Museum, go on the Salem Witch Village guided tour, or visit the famous House of Seven Gables that inspired writer Nathaniel Hawthorne!

New Orleans, Louisiana not only has a fantastic span of ghost tours, the Big Easy also has some of the country’s most unique cemeteries that are definitely worth checking out. The water level in most of New Orleans is too high for traditional burial, so many cemeteries are lined with beautifully ornate above ground tours. These burial grounds resemble house lined streets, and are appropriately named “Cities of the Dead.”

Find More information on spooky destinations and lodging at and remember to take a break this Halloween season. After all, we all know what happens when we work too hard.. “all work and no play…”


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