Twitter is the new Black and Facebook on Steroids

Yes, we know the title is a bit long but we have a lot to say!  Twitter is the new Black since it went from something that many marketing, Internet, Web 2.0 and advanced users were doing to something even Oprah is now on overnight.  When something techy like a Blackberry or Twitter becomes super cool for leisure purposes, that’s when you can say it has come full circle into the masses (or at least the hip and trendy masses).

Twitter is Facebook on steroids because it is all about the status updates and it encourages you to post short entries many times a day rather than once a week.  Since Twitter only has around 15 million users, we are thinking we should provide a little background info on the hot new micro-blogging trend for many of our readers who may or may not be on Twitter already.  Twitter allows anyone to speak their mind in 140 characters or less much like cell phone text messaging meets the Internet.  Then they put a cool Web 2.0 twist on it.  So it is then text messaging meets Facebook as you can alert your friends or followers with each new post or mini blog entry you make.  You can give updates on what you are doing all day long.  Facebook calls this their Status Updates and what they are really doing is trying to compete a bit with Twitter.  Facebook does have their eye on the younger Twitter as you’ll notice how much Facebook now pushes their status updates as the main thing you see on your page.

In today’s time crunched world it seems most people do not have the time to write a full article or longer blog.  Instead they can just quickly throw up their ideas in more of a headlines type of way on Twitter.  Life is not all about reading books or writing full articles.  Life is crazy 1 million miles an hour with tons of random thoughts, hopes, dreams and wacky ideas.  And you can post all of these and more easily on Twitter.

Oprah posts her first tweet on Twitter!

Twitter hit the big time last week thanks to the Ashton Kutcher CNN Twitter race to 1 million followers.  journeyPod helped push the cause along as we rallied support for Ashton on Twitter in Atlanta at the CNN Center.   He grabbed headlines all week, going on Larry King Live and even Oprah.  So then of course Oprah had to get on Twitter and the rest is history as many of her non early adapter viewers jumped on Twitter probably 2 years before they would have. 

Some people have estimated that the Oprah exposure yielded Twitter an additional 1 million users.  I would say Ashton’s PR buzz all last week probably added another 1 to 2 million users.

Celebrities have a lot to gain from Twitter as their fans can really keep up with them and get that behind the scenes access not found anywhere else.  If you are a Limp Bizkit fan for example you would have known long before most people that their lead singer, Fred Durst, got engaged since he posted the exciting news on Twitter over the weekend.

Celebs can offer fans a small glimpse into their daily lives and really connect with them in a whole new way.   So follow your faves on Twitter and follow journeyPod to keep up with new celebrity sightings, celebrity chefs, restaurant openings and boutique hotels around the globe. 

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Checkout Oprah on Twitter at and Asthon Kutcher on Twitter is at


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    […] we know the title is a bit long but we have a lot to say!  Twitter is the new Black since it went from something that many marketing, Internet, Web 2.0 and advanced users were doing to […]

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