Chef’s Corner with Chef David Man, Palm Terrace at Island Hotel


Executive Chef David Man of Island Hotel Newport Beach oversees the Five Diamond hotel’s signature restaurant Palm Terrace and Patio as well as working on recipe and menu development for the hotel. The hotel is conveniently located across the street from Fashion Island and was a great home-base for as we covered the 13th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival. (Be sure to listen to our full podcast from the Red Carpet!) sat down with Chef David for an amazing tasting and chatted about life and food.  We started lunch with roasted edamame– unlike any we ever had. It was in the shell, and flavored quite spicy!  While it was difficult to eat, the flavor was amazing! The chicken burger sliders (Chef David calls them the “share burger”—they are cut four ways and perfect for sharing!) were tangy and tasty.

If you were not a Chef, what would you be?

A stockbroker

What’s the most interesting food you have ever tasted?

Raw horse meat

Is there anything you don’t eat?

Brains, hearts, livers

What three ingredients are essential to your kitchen?

Salt, butter, and lemons

It’s your Last Supper. Who’s cooking? What’s on the menu?

Chef Thomas Keller is cooking. I’d like a 30-course all–signature dish meal.

What’s the most unusual request you’ve received?

“Ranch Chicken.” When I asked what that was, I was told, “Shake N Bake with ranch seasoning.”

It’s your night off, where are you going for dinner?

Kappo Honda or Honda Ya. They are Japanese pubs and the food is great.. I also like The Fisherman in San Clemente.

You have an exciting summer planned here at the restaurant. What’s on tap?

We will have a Summer BBQ series at our pool. Each month will be a different theme and all BBQs will be under $50. June will feature “Bubble & BBQ”, July will feature “Surf N Turf”, and August will be traditional BallPark fare “Hotdogs & Burgers”.


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