Best Rooms with a View – Part I


By: Kim Michele

A breathtaking view has an intoxicating way of elevating your vacation to a whole new level. Whether you escape to the mountains, breathe in the ocean air, or have a spectacular view of the city skyline, wherever you travel, there are plenty of magnificent hotels with the perfect view to match. With this in mind journeyPod invites you to join us in our search for the world’s ‘Best Rooms with a View’. This is a journey you certainly won’t want to miss…

Our fist stop takes us to the beautiful island of St. Lucia in the West Indies. Situated on the southern end of the island, perched high on the mountainside is an exclusive hideaway called Ladera St. Lucia. Talk about a view… the suites in this magnificent hotel were intentionally built without a fourth wall, allowing astounding views of St. Lucia’s volcanic Pitons and azure coastline below. To make the view even sweeter, each open wall leads to a private plunge pool and lush tropical landscaping – making it the perfect romantic getaway with a view to die for.

The Ladera St. Lucia has consistently won numerous awards including being voted among the top best places to stay in Conde Nast Traveler‘s 2008 Gold List. Previous accolades voted Ladera not only the “Best Hotel in the Caribbean,” but gave it the highest score of any hotel in the world, ranking it the “Best of the Best” in the overall hotel category – and believe us:  the view has a lot to do with it!

Traveling further south, deep into the heart of South America we came across the majestic Chilean mountain resort, Hotel Salto Chico. Located in the famous Torres de Paine National Park, right beside Salto Chico waterfall and the crystal waters of Lake Pehoe, the hotel boasts the most glorious scenic views of the Torres Mountain Massif towering in front of the hotels large bedroom windows. To make your stay even more remarkable, the resort offers an array of wonderful excursions into the park, including:  guided walks, hikes and other outdoor adventures. This is truly a ‘great escape’ – since the remote location allows you to be at one with nature in an environment guaranteed to replenish the soul.  Though journeyPod thinks the breathtaking view alone is worth the trip!

Now if you happen to be in the South Pacific, more specifically on the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora, your visit will not be complete without visiting the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa. Known for its serenity and unbelievable beauty, you’d be treating yourself to an unforgettable experience as the view extends not only around you, but beneath you too. Each thatched roof bungalow is perched on stilts over the crystal blue waters of the lagoon. From the comfort of your own private room, you can admire the incredible scenery from the ocean bed to the cloudless skies. One could sit for hours watching the incredible variety of sea life simply passing by.

What could be better you might wonder? Take all that and add an unobstructed view of Mt. Otemanu – from any one of six Overwater Pontoon Bungalows located at the far end of the lagoon (and connected by a teak walkway). To heighten the experience even more, each bungalow has a private deck with steps leading directly into the lagoon. And if you don’t want to get your feet wet, you can certainly view and feed the fish through an illuminated glass-top coffee table. This is definitely paradise found. Besides being the perfect romantic destination, this ultimate Polynesian getaway has the purest ocean view and picture perfect setting one could ever wish for.

From the South Pacific we are on our way halfway around the world for Part 2 of ‘Best Rooms with a View’

Stay tuned!

Best Rooms with a View – Part II

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