Best Sushi Spots From Around The Globe

In the last 30 years Westerners have welcomingly adopted the Japanese style of eating raw seafood and have made “sushi” one of the more popular meal choices today.

With only 17 calories in a piece of Maguro (Tuna) sashimi, 70 calories in a cup of Seaweed salad and no saturated or trans fat in Edamame – who wouldn’t opt for a healthy authentic Japanese meal? To top it off, sushi is filled with Omega-3 vitamins, Fish Oil and Protein.

These days, sushi can be found practically everywhere – from college campuses and food courts, to convenience stores and traditional food markets.  Party planners are also adding sushi onto their menus for bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, etc.

As some of you may or may not know, there are a number of options when ordering sushi… here’s a list of sushi jargon to consider:

Nori – Seaweed that is dried, roasted and pressed into sheets.  This is found in most sushi rolls.

Sashimi – Sliced raw fish served without rice.

Nigiri sushi – Small, bite-size mound of rice served with a similar size piece of raw fish.

Maki sushi – AKA: Rolled sushi.  This is nori that is wrapped around rice and served with raw fish (or other fillings).

Temaki sushi – AKA:  Hand roll.  This is nori rolled around various fillings (including rice), and shaped into a cone for easy hand-holding.

Chirashi sushi – Translates to “scattered sushi”.  This is when raw fish and vegetables are served over rice.

Omakase – Translation: “to trust”.  For those brave sushi-goers, this is when the sushi chef serves you whatever he or she likes. There are no menus involved!  (a favorite among the team!)

Thanks to the ingenuous popularity of this cuisine, celebrities opting for the lighter fare have also helped make some sushi eateries into culinary destinations.

Our conclusion:  sushi is not just a meal, its an intense culinary adventure and we’re always ready to check out the newest hot spot.

With that, read on to find out who made journeyPod’s hot list for “Best Sushi Spots From Around The Globe” – remember though, these picks just skim the surface of how many amazing sushi restaurants there are.  Stay tuned, we’ll be adding more acclaimed sushi hot spots to this list periodically:

Nobu Restaurant (New York City) – Highly acclaimed restaurateur Chef Nobu Matsuhisa pioneered this gem of a dining experience with the well-respected “Goodfella” himself Robert De Niro in 1994. The buzz has not stopped since!  It’s also no wonder considering that the restaurant and its chef have garnered countless accolades, including:  three stars from the New York Times, a Michelin Star, several James Beard Awards and now, a journeyPod Hot Pick for one of the top sushi eateries in the world!  Now, if you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, we recommend kicking off with the restaurant’s signature sake (made special for Nobu), sashimi salad (with Chef Nobu’s matsuhisa dressing), New Style Sashimi and black cod with miso.    Then top that off with the Nobu strawberry soup for dessert.

Katsu-ya (Los Angeles) – This restaurant is a favorite for the inventive specials Chef Katsuya Uechi prepares daily.  Among our top dish picks are:  Seared Tuna Steak with Japanese Salsa Kobe Beef, Almond Scallops with Cajun Halibut Cheek, Baked Crab Rolls and the Crispy Sesame Tuna – which would make any sushi lovers’ heart melt from just the mention. For the sake lovers out there, ask for the sake in the green bamboo decanter – its delish.  This restaurant is a must try – so long as you cant get it.  With its loyal local following, and top-quality selections, you may be waiting a bit for a table!

Daiwa Sushi (Tokyo) – Located in the heart of the famed Tsukiji fish market, Daiwa Sushi serves some of the tastiest and freshest sushi in all of Japan.  Not only does the hot spot offer a great lunch and dinner menu but also boasts a superb breakfast menu. Sushi for breakfast?  Yes, indeed!  If you consider yourself a adventurous, check out Japan’s most eccentric and popular delicacies called Shirako – just remember to ask what it is after you’ve already tried it.

Sushi-e (Sydney) – For a city that’s known for serving great seafood, its no wonder this trendy sushi spot has made our list.  Head Chef, Nobuyuki Ura and his team have truly mastered Japanese knife techniques and offer some of the most beautifully crafted sushi worldwide.  We promise!  As for just some of our favorite selections, check out the Prawn Shumai (steamed dumplings), the signature spider rolls with soft shell crab, and unagi sushi (eel).  The spot only seats 38, so make sure to make a reservation!

Sushi of Gari (New York City) – First off, let’s just say that at Sushi of Gari – you get what you pay for! Though you’ll find yourself digging further into your wallet for a meal here, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the supreme quality!  Chef Gari operates three locations of the restaurant – al of which we recommend.  You’ll also find that some folks who frequent this hot spot order selections that are not included in the menu – but don’t fret, we’ll tell you.  Our most favorite is the Spicy Scallop.  We also recommend the Prix Fixe option, which changes daily – but never disappoints!

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Tokyo) – In case you hadn’t heard… according to the Michelin Guides (which are often described as the French bible of gastronomy), Tokyo has recently knocked Paris from its seat of being the world’s culinary capital. With 3 Michelin stars under its belt and the fact that Sukiyabashi Jiro’s owner Jiro Ono is the world’s oldest three-star chef, Sukiyabashi has more than contributed to Japan’s huge success.  After experiencing this grand restaurant for ourselves, we couldn’t agree more:  Sukiyabashi is in a class of its own!

Sushi Mizutani (Tokyo) – Another hot spot across the water is Sushi Mizutani.  Offering excellent preparation, great tasting sushi, and beautiful décor – its no wonder they too have received a nod with a 3-star Tokyo Michelin Guide rating.  The restaurant has been recognized as one of the best, with owner/chef Mizutani at the helm.  If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, go for the Hirame (flounder that will melt in your mouth!), Chutoro (Medium-Fatty Bluefin tuna) and the Anago (easily the best eel we’ve ever tasted!).  A definite “10” in our book!

Sushi Yasuda (New York City) – At this hot spot, expect nothing short of top-quality service and selection!  Though the décor may not impress, you’ll be hooked at first bite.  More importantly, make sure to reserve your table at the bar – where you’ll really get to see the chef work his magic.  Known for offering exquisite seasonal selections of seafood, Sushi Yasuda is definitely a must.  Since the spot is small, we definitely recommend a reservation!

Edokko (London) – For an authentic Japanese experience outside of Japan – this London hot spot is it!  Edokko brings the Japanese culture alive by not only serving superb traditional fare at sunken table areas, but also requires all guests to remove their shoes as a form of respect.  Want to be in-the-know, ask for the Japanese menu to get your opportunity to check out some of the restaurant’s more exotic selections.

Ginza Kyubei (Tokyo) – Dating back to 1936, Ginza Kyubei is perhaps the most celebrated and reputable sushi restaurant in Japan.  Kyubei’s peak in popularity began when they created their own signature style of sushi called, ‘gunkan’ (round sushi wrapped with seaweed and topped with fresh ingredients). With all the great food and the amazing history this restaurant should be on the top of your list whenever you visit Tokyo.

Sansei (Big Island of Hawaii) – These guys put a Hawaiian twist on a Japanese staple.  We loved their sashimi but what makes them so unique is their own creations like Shrimp Dynamite with its creamy garlic sauce or Cajun seared white tuna.  The Panko Crusted Ahi Sashimi was to die for and the Takah Special Roll was super tasty with its avocado, crab and tuna flavor combination.  Find them at

Ushi Wakamaru (New York City) – Another great selection in the heart of the Big Apple, Ushi Wakamaru features Chef Hide Kuribara – a three-time National Sushi Society gold medalist and superior sushi.  We recommend experiencing Kuribara’s Omakase, which starts at $70 and one of the great sakes off the restaurants exceptional drink menu.  Though you may find the décor quite modest, you won’t be surprised on the amount of loyal followers this place draws after your first visit.

Nishino Restaurant (Seattle) – Hands down Seattle is a great place to find sushi. The Nishino Restaurant serves incredibly fresh and delicious sushi. All of the menu selections are beautifully made and presented; however, like most fancy restaurants the portions are not always the largest that they could muster. journeyPod really recommends this restaurant to impress a first-date and/or to have lunch with friends or coworkers.


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