Top Sound Systems in the World

Hey kids… we know that some of you out there are sound snobs and very particular about your music. So we scoured the globe for some of the top clubs with the best sound systems you will find anywhere. These are the types of places that take great pride in how their bands and DJs sound. Of course you will have your own opinions, so feel free to chime in with your own nominations.

Club Privilege (Ibiza) – By far, one of the biggest and most astounding club destinations in Ibiza, Club Privelege has a capacity of 10,000 (more than three times the capacity of many other big clubs). Boasting a swimming pool over which the house DJ is suspended, the décor features gardens, podiums, statues, chandeliers, a plane hanging from the ceiling and circus apparatus. On Manumission nights, you’ll even find a DJ spinning the greatest sounds in the restroom areas. Psst…. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Club Privelege is the world’s largest club – with an area of over 75,000 square feet.

Pacha (New York, NY) – With 25 locations around the world, Europe’s most exclusive nightlife experience has finally arrived to NYC! Occupying a gorgeous 4-story, 30,000 square foot space, this high energy import lets you explore the vibe of Ibiza without stepping foot outside NY. Transporting club-goers from North America to the steamy tropics, Pacha features four floors, a maze of staircases, palm trees, mirrors and tarp canopies. Not to mention, an astounding sound and light system that spans the space – along with drop down projection screens, staging runways and Jacuzzi-style booths.

Sound Bar (Chicago) – Set in a 20,000 foot multi-floor club space with state-of-the-art audio and light system and a DJ line-up that would impress even the haughtiest booker in London – sound is the name of the game at this hotspot. With an industrial-chic décor decked out with stainless steel and floor-to-ceiling smoked glass windows, colorful lounge areas, this place also features nine bars, two lounges, 16 bars, three DJ booths a 4,000 square foot main dance floor and an atmosphere with movable screens that make images appear as if they’re floating in the air. Hang on to your drinks!

Twilo (Miami, FL) – Located next to Nocturnal, this mega sound venue spits out some of the hottest sounds in Miami. The Dynacord Cobra 4 sound system is the main attraction here and clubbers let the beat control their bodies. Resident DJ Josh Wink plays the perfect music to accompany the impressive lighting and visual effects.

Club Paris Jacksonville (Jacksonville, FL) – Paris the Heiress brought a new level of nightlife to downtown Jacksonville, of all places! Featuring a sound system that rivals those found in well-known club locations like NY, Vegas and Miami. A former arcade turned mega-club, Club Paris features custom-made furnishings, over 22,000 square feet filled with dance floors, 40-feet long bars, and a 2nd floor bedroom-like VIP area that can seat 400. Talk about a place to see and be seen!

Duvet (New York, NY) – Ever feel like lounging on a king-size bed, while cupping a delectable libation in hand and feeding yourself caviar or sushi? This would be the place. A 20,000 square foot restaurant-lounge, Duvet boasts (like the name suggests) 30 custom beds with Italian-imported goose-down pillows and crisp white 400-count sheets. But this isn’t the only reason folks crowd into this place. With an audio system as impressive as the venue itself – Duvet has combined amazing technical elements with aesthetic ingredients like a 15 foot/80,000-gallon aquarium (housing 100 moon jellyfish), a 90-foot glass bar and customized comforts like nowhere else.

Es Paradis (Ibiza) – One of the island’s longest running clubs, Es Paradis originally opened in 1975 and has quickly risen to become one of the top nightlife destinations on the Ibiza scene. The décor features all-white marble floors and pillars, ivy growing throughout the place and dancers in cages above the dance floor. The place also offers ten bars, three dance floors and a top-notch sound and lighting system.

Ultra Bar (D.C.) – One of the most popular, unique and versatile nightspots in the heart of DC, Ultra Bar is a vast 10,000 square foot cub that was once a turn-of-the-century bank in the city’s downtown historic financial district. Offering a mix of classic and modern architecture, the place has an outrageous sound system, 5 very distinct levels – full of color, extraordinary ambiance and a myriad of musical styles – providing an awesome nightlife experience.

Slide (San Francisco, CA) – A great addition to the San Fran scene, Slide is reminiscent of the 1920’s Prohibition era – with every detail thought out. A speak-easy turned club, Slide has an ambitious sound system that gives bigger clubs something to envy. The place also prides itself with a bevy of flapper dancers, crystal accents and a custom-made that guides you from the upstairs nightclub to the ultimate “playground” filled with drinking, dancing, and schmoozing. With 8,000 square feet, Slide tops everything off with classic décor, a baby grand piano and other awe-inspiring detail elements. Tip: the dress code is strictly enforced – no sneakers or sportswear.

Ministry of Sound (London, England) – One of the top venues in this UK clubland, mention “Ministry of Sound” to any club-goer and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about! With a décor garnished with flat screen TV’s and an immense sound system, this place is as sophisticated as it is hip! Not to mention, it’s no longer just a club – it’s a brand name with a record label – releasing its own CD each year. And with different nights catering for different tastes, there’s always something for everyone. But here’s a tip: pre-book yourself onto a guest list, otherwise arrive with patience.

Jimmy Woo’s (Amsterdam) – Regarded as a premier nightlife destination in Amsterdam, this sultry Oriental-themed club has Hong Kong and modern design elements draping the walls, giving the atmosphere a very sleek and sexy underground-like atmosphere. With a state-of-the-art audio and light system, Jimmy Woo’s evokes the mood of an 18th century Opium den with new century elements unlike any other club.

Rain  (Las Vegas) – Housed in the Palm Resort & Casino, this 25,000 square foot hotspot features all the bells and whistles you’d expect of a Vegas mega-club. A clubber’s dream, Rain has an astounding sound system, and elevated dance floor and dancing water fountains. Eye candy presents itself here too – with gorgeous go-go dancers that suspend on platforms from the ceiling and gorgeous patrons that need no suspension to be noticed! Yes, you do feel the heat when the fire balls erupt from the ceiling.

The Cameo (Miami, FL) – Formerly Crobar, Cameo is a top-notch destination in South Beach taking inspiration from “the dark and dirty side” of the disco era – bringing club-goers comfort and surprise under one roof. Located in a historic Art Deco movie theatre, Cameo has an interior that includes many never-before-seen elements and fixtures. Cameo features an excellent sound system and is divided into a 10,000 square foot dance room and a 6,000 square foot glass-enclosed VIP area. And if that isn’t enough… a hollow half disco ball that’s 12-feet in diameter, fishnet stocking-backed banquettes and L.E.D. lighting will surely get your attention.

Rex (Paris, France) – Opened in 1992, this Parisian dance factory is still going strong with its award-winning sound system. One of the most popular clubs – if not the club when is Paris, Rex offers house and techno music with its most famous DJ, Laurent Garnier. Depending on who else is spinning, you may also be lucky enough to catch reggae, funk, rock and a range of other world tunes. Psst… Rex is closed in the month of August.

Vinyl (Denver, CO) – A great super-club, Vinyl boasts four unique floors of entertainment, a capacity of 2000+ people, a stunning partially-enclosed rooftop patio lounge with gas fire pits and some of the best DJ’s in world spinning top hits. Vinyl has weathered its share of catastrophes – with a fire in 2000 and blizzard damage in 2003 – but the place keeps going and going – and today, it’s better than ever. Tip: Parking can be real tough, so use the valet service.

Liquid Room (Tokyo) – One of Tokyo’s longest-running live venues, Liquid Room is home to some of the hottest Japanese and Int’l bands – with DJ’s spinning when there’s no live music. Situated in Shibuya, the biggest red light district in the city, just getting to this place can be quite an experience. But once you arrive, you’ll be one of many in the full house of 800 other fans who want to groove to the city’s best sound system.


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    […] Hey kids… we know that some of you out there are sound snobs and very particular about your music. So we scoured the globe for some of the top clubs with the best sound systems you will find anywhere… […]

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