Côte d’Azur – The French Riviera

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Côte d’Azur commonly known as the French Riviera, is located on the southeastern corner of the French coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. Although nestled near the snow-capped Alps, the region boasts an almost tropical climate. Its breathtaking scenery has given inspiration to countless artists such as Pablo Picasso, and you can find many of these artists’ paintings in the art museums scattered about the region. It is also famous for its celebrity-fetching annual Cannes Film Festival. It was one of the first known modern resort areas in the world. When visiting the French Riviera, there are a few towns you will not want to leave out of your itinerary.

Cap Ferrat is situated in the commune of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat between Monaco and Nice and was once home to King Leopold II of Belgium. It is home to some of the most expensive and affluent real estate on the earth. American industrialists and socialites, and well-known figures like actor Charlie Chaplin and writer Somerset Maugham have called Cap Ferrat home. There are three attractive beaches in Cap Ferrat: Paloma Beach, Passable Beach, and Cro de Peï Pin, the largest of the three. For those looking for a family activity away from all the glamour, the Le Zoo Parc du Cap-Ferrat on the northwestern part of the peninsula offers a great deal of plant and animal life for viewing every day of the year.

Cap d’Antibes is a resort town located between Cannes and Nice. One of the most charming attractions to be found there is the powerful old Garoupe Lighthouse next to a chapel, Nôtre Dame des Amoureux. This area has been considered to be a sacred place since the fifth century, and the chapel contains beautiful statues and paintings. After climbing to the top of the lighthouse, a breathtaking, panoramic view of the cape and the Mediterranean Sea is to be had. For those looking for nighttime activities, situated within Cap d’Antibes is Juan-les-Pins, full of beaches, nightclubs, and casinos. Juan-les-Pins is also known for its annual July jazz festival.

Cap d’Antibes has several museums including the Naval Museum of Napoleon, the Picasso Museum, and the Archaeology Museum. Other activities include visits to Thuret Park, Exflora Park, and Eilenroc Gardens. Finally, not to be missed is the Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc, a beautiful villa considered to be one of the most luxurious resorts in the world.

There is an abundance of luxury at the Saint Tropez villas, which accommodate the famous and extremely wealthy guests who stay there during the summer months; this along with its bustling nightlife is what Saint Tropez has gained notoriety for. One of the most noticeable aspects of this village port is the sight of countless luxurious yachts and sailboats set against the backdrop of beautiful shops, restaurants,  luxury villas and hotels. St. Tropez has an eclectic yet casual feel, and some of the choicest shopping and fine dining can be found there. For those looking for some sun, there is also a breath-taking collection of beaches along the shore of St. Tropez. Many of these beaches have their own beach huts and tanning areas. Some offer windsurfing, sailing and canoeing equipment for rent, while others offer motorized water sports such as water skiing. In the early part of October, an annual regatta is held in the bay of Saint-Tropez which draws in many yachts as well as tourists. Place aux Herbes is a square that has been a center of activity in St Tropez for centuries and is a collection of fruit, vegetable, and flower stalls.

There is no shortage of activities for single adults and families alike when visiting The French Riviera. First sight of this region will leave no doubt that it has earned its reputation as being a sunny, majestic, and glamorous travel destination.

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    […] There is no shortage of activities for single adults and families alike when visiting The French Riviera. First sight of this region will leave no doubt that it has earned its reputation as being a sunny, majestic, and glamorous travel destination.  Read on… […]

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