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Twitter is the new Black and Facebook on Steroids

April 21, 2009

Yes, we know the title is a bit long but we have a lot to say!  Twitter is the new Black since it went from something that many marketing, Internet, Web 2.0 and advanced users were doing to something even Oprah is now on overnight.  When something techy like a Blackberry or Twitter becomes super cool for leisure purposes, that’s when you can say it has come full circle into the masses (or at least the hip and trendy masses).

Twitter is Facebook on steroids because it is all about the status updates and it encourages you to post short entries many times a day rather than once a week.  Read on for the full story.

Oprah posts her first tweet on Twitter!


P List #2 of Mainstream Podcasts

April 28, 2007

It seems that Goliath likes to copy little David.  Podcasting started as a grass roots alternative to mainstream media.  Indie podasters will continue to thrive and you can checkout some of those early pioneers in our P List of Podcasts.  But here are our new picks for the big guy podcasts…

P List of Podcasts

April 24, 2007

What happens when bloggers and podcasters work together?  Well with all this talk of Z Lists and Technorati, we had an idea.  If we have lists of interesting blogs, then why don’t we have lists of interesting or noteworthy podcasts?  Yes, we have tons of directories for podcasts like iTunes and  But with thousands of great podcasts many of the early pioneers and indy podcasts are getting buried by big media.  

So we thought it would be fun and long overdue to give some well deserved blogosphere attention to a bunch of podcasts.

Infinite Z Lists

April 13, 2007


Perhaps you have heard of the infamous Z-list in the blogosphere?  It is a great viral marketing idea for bloggers to promote other blogs they find interesting…