Chef’s Corner with Joseph Antonishek of Petit Ermitage

Educated at the Culinary Institute of America and boasting an impressive resume that includes “Best Hotel Chefs in America” by the prestigious James Beard Foundation, Executive Chef Joseph Antonishek has manned some of the most renowned restaurant kitchens, including Coco Pazzo at the Mondrian Hotel, Fenix at the Argyle, the Raffles L’Ermitage Hotel, and West Hollywood’s O-Bar. 

Today, he can be found at the Petit Ermitage boutique hotel, which has the feel of an exclusive French Bohemian Manor House.  And, much like the European-style hotel, Antonishek offers a mix of world culture in his cuisine, which consists of exotic spices and local ingredients, fused with Mediterranean flare.  Often found at the rooftop Garden gathering fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits – this celebrated chef is all about using fresh ingredients in his menu, which he changes seasonally.  

At Petit Ermitage, Antonishek has taken creative license to establish a globally inspired menu that beautifully showcases his global influences and culinary finesse!  journeyPod recently had the chance to chance to chat it up with this culinary mastermind…

How did you get your start in cooking?

My family is filled with amazing cooks! So, yes I was very much influenced by them. I can remember making Pierogies with my grandmother and baking homemade bread with my mother. My formal training was with the Culinary Institute of America. 

Have you traveled anywhere that has influenced your flavors and recipes?

I’ve traveled extensively throughout Asia, which has immensely impacted my cooking. I’m looking forward to Italy next summer!

What’s an upcoming trend in cooking?

Excellent fresh local ingredients that have not been adulterated by over complicated dishes.

Where do you get your menu ideas?

In the bedroom. No, really! My girlfriend is a Chef and our foreplay is food porn!

What are some of your favorite food discoveries?

Sumac, Tagines, Pink Curing Salt

What’s your most favorite ingredient?


What would we find in your refrigerator at home? 

Champagne & Ketchup

Do you listen to music while you cook?  What do you listen to?

Yes. Anything but Rap & Hip Hop – you can’t cook with love when you are listening to music that talks about robbing and killing people!

Name three things you can’t cook without.

Salt, Pepper & Fire – with that I’m ready for any challenge.

If you didn’t do this for a living, what would you do?

Restaurant Designer or Homicide Detective

What on the menu this winter?

Octopus & Merguez Tagine, Hand Cured Bacon & Elk Carpaccio

On your night off, where do you go to eat in LA?

Chef’s don’t get nights off! But on the rare occasion that I do, you can find me at my buddy’s photography studio where I regularly cook for 20 of our closest friends.

Petit Ermitage’s Private Rooftop Club offers spectacular 360-degree views of LA.  But what’s more impressive is the spectacular menu from Executive Chef, Joseph Antonishek – which features exotic spices with a focus on delicious Mediterranean flavors.

This Private Rooftop Club is an awesome amenity for hotel guests and a privilege afforded by membership only. The breathtaking space is also recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a butterfly and hummingbird sanctuary and includes a Butterfly Bar, Garden, saltwater pool, cabana and lounge area, and a gorgeous fireplace.

To read more about Petit Ermitage and other fantastic hot spots in LA, see here!


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