“My Fair Wedding” Celebrity Wedding Planner David Tutera Opens New Chapel in Tybee

Photo credit: Peter Doyle

The biggest day of your life should take place somewhere you’ll remember forever. The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel, offers you and your love a place to shine against a backdrop of quaint charm, natural beauty and local history that your loved one and guests will cherish for a lifetime.

Set on a wooded lot on the edge of Tybee’s delicate marsh ecosystems, dolphins jump and migratory birds flock nearby. Just seconds from the beach and minutes from romantic historic Savannah, the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel is the perfect place to make your love official.

Celebrity Wedding Planner, David Tutera of the WEtv hit series “My Fair Wedding” cut the ribbon during a glamorous ceremony on August 12th ~ making this chapel  one of the most sought-after venues in the Southeast.

journeyPod had a chance to chat with the acclaimed wedding connoisseur:

Tell us about the “Tutera touch”! My life and job is about creating environments that become special and I think that the “Tutera touch” is me listening to what the consumer – the bride, the groom is wishing and hoping and dreaming of…and I make it the reality. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it’s not, but ultimately I make it happen.

How would you plan a wedding here on Tybee Island?  Well it all depends on the consumer and who I am planning the wedding for. What I like about the Tybee Chapel is you have the combination of old and new combined together so that the beauty of both worlds pushed into one location. I would bring a wedding here in a heartbeat…I would love to bring “My Fair Wedding” here!

What was the largest wedding you’ve planned? I planned a wedding in New York for 1,800-2,000 guests.

Without naming names, what was the worst wedding experience? Are we writing a novel? Haha. Well actually, one just happened a couple of months ago. I had a bride, after the ceremony was over, that refused to go down to the party because she was upset with her guests for speaking to her during the ceremony. So I headed upstairs to her bridal suite, begging her to come downstairs…she threw things at me, she screamed, yelled and threw a tantrum…I basically begged her and got her to come down. That’s the mild version 🙂

What’s the strangest request you’ve ever received from a guest? My bride wanted to arrive at her celebration in a room that had 70ft tall ceilings in New York City, lowered in a wedding gown from a trapeze, like she was Pink from the Grammys. So what did I say? Of course! I’m the kind of guy who says, “let’s do it”, so I told her to take trapeze lessons and when it came down to the day of the wedding, she chickened out.

What advice would you give an up-and-coming wedding planner? To really embrace the client and do not let this be an extension of your opinion of what you want. We are just the person that listens and executes. We give our passion and listen to what their passion is. Too many wedding planners try to dictate what they want.

Check your local listings to see David in action on the WEtv hit series “My Fair Wedding
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Book your unforgettable wedding at the Tybee Chapel today!






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