Exclusive Interview with the Creator of Cirque du Soleil, Deborah Colker

Article by: Andrea Cannistraci

journeyPod.com sat down last week with Deborah Colker, Creator of Cirque du Soleil’s “Ovo.” She is the first woman in Cirque du Soleil’s 25-year history to craft an entire production from the ground up, from creation and direction to choreography. She chatted with journeyPod.com and offered us inside scoop into the newest Cirque show to hit Santa Monica, California.

Which cities are your favorite?

Ovo premiered in 2009 in Montreal. And from there it has traveled to cities such as Toronto, New York City, Chicago, and now it is here in Santa Monica! Each city is different, but the show is amazing in each city. There is a great communication with the audience. Ovo is a journey…the artist brings the audience along with them on this journey. My vision was for this journey to make the audience feel like an insect—to really see the color, the way they move, jump, slide, etc.

What cities are you most looking forward to visiting?

We are off to Australia later this year where we will stay until June 2013! You know I am from Rio, and Ovo has not yet been to Rio! I am really wanting Ovo to be in my hometown.

Did any of your travels inspire elements of Ovo?

Yes, of course. In Brazil we have the rain forests. I appreciate nature alot. I like to replicate nature and to incorporate nature with art—the shapes, forms, textures, colors. The insect world is amazing. Ovo has lots of energy and feelings, personalities and emotions. For example, the crickets are young, rock-n- roll…ready for everything. The spiders are sexy, mysterious. The ants are the workers.

Is Ovo a tribute to your native Brazilian Portuguese?

Yes. It is a present to myself. Did you know that this is the first Cirque show with a Portuguese name? Ovo means “egg”… an enigma of life.

Don’t miss Cirque Du Soleil’s Ovo under the Big Top on Santa

Monica Pier! The show will be performing through the end of March. And if you’re looking for a great place to stay, journeyPod.com recommends Casa Del Mar (we recently interviewed Chef Jason Bowlin of the signature restaurant Catch!) or Viceroy. Both of these amazing properties are steps from the Big Top and offer a true Santa Monica vibe! You may consider reserving dinner at Catch before the show. (Check out our Chef’s Corner with Chef Jason Bowlin for more info.) And if you’re looking for a great Ovo after-party, Viceroy is the place! The outdoor patio and pool area is transformed into a happening club scene, complete with DJ, every Saturday night. Don’t miss the chance to mingle with locals and dance the night away under the stars (and heat lamps for now!) For a great morning-after breakfast, checkout Cora’s Coffee Shop. (Right across the street from Viceroy) This hidden gem is has a beautiful outdoor patio with an iron arbor surrounded by gorgeous bougainvillea that sets the tone for a casual but refined dinning experience. Try the authentic Turkish breakfast!


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