P List of Podcasts


Since Podcasting started as an alternative to mainstream media and mostly traditional radio, we are going to put out the first P List of Podcasts with only independent or indie podcasts.  We will then put out a second P List of Mainstream Podcasts to point out some of the 800 pound gorillas that are doing a good job with their podcast.

This is a great way for podcasters to help each other out and promote other podcasts you listen to.  All the boats in the bathtub rise together…


1.  Feel free to publish your own P List of your favorite podcasts by copying this list below and adding your own podcasts to the list.

2.  Make sure all the links are correct to each of the podcasts.  Do not link to the RSS feed of each podcast.  Link instead to the homepage for each podcast so that users can get more info on that podcast and possibly listen or subscribe to it at their leisure.

3.  Then simply publish a post in your blog with the full list of podcasts (our list below and your new podcasts you added).

By no means are we saying these are the greatest podcasts of all time.  Nor are we claiming that these are the only podcasts that matter.  These are just good podcasts that we like.  Or podcasts from fellow new media pioneers.  If we left somebody out, well you know what, that is actually the point of this!  Let us know and simply add your favorite podcasts we missed into this list.  So each time a new podcaster or blogger finds this list of some of the best podcasts out there they can copy it into their own blog or mention in a podcast and help promote all of us.


Daily Source Code

Morning Coffee Notes

Accident Hash

Dawn and Drew

Keith & The Girl

Chillcast with Anji Bee

Grammar Girl

Jersey Toddshow

Ze frank



A Guy, A Girl, and a Bottle


Crash Test Kitchen

3 Wine Guys


The Frat Pack Tribute

This Week in Tech Leo Laporte






Dave’s Lounge


Bands Under the Radar

Tartan Podcast

Cry Baby Emo Kids

Insomnia Radio

Venture Voice

The Real Estate Guys Radio


Lip Gloss and Laptops

More Hip Than Hippie


The Diva Cast

The Naked Scientists


Meandering Mouse

Amateur Traveler

A Year in Europe

Amanda Congdon

The Clip Show


Tiki Bar


The Liam show


Steve’s Ten Dollar Challenge

Tips for Travelers

Trends Taste and Travel with Captain Cy



Hawaii Surf Session Report

Soccer Interview EPL

Yellowstone Park

iPod Traveller

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack

Scene Unseen Movie Reviews

Renaissance Festival Podcast

Mugglecast Harry Potter Podcast

Geek News Central Podcast

History According to Bob


Devastatingly Divine Dishes

Trucker Tom

Food Guru

Tuscany Pod Travels

The Movie Review

Brilliant Cocktails


Culinary Podcast Network

We also wanted to thank Mack Collier for creating the Z List.  And we should mention the great work published by the P2P Foundation as they compiled a list of the top 50 Podcasts relating to peer to peer topics.  It appears they took more of a single podcast approach compared to our focus on podcast series, but it is a solid list of great podcast content.

Feel free to add to our P List of Podcasts above.


7 Responses to “P List of Podcasts”

  1. P List of Podcasts « Luxury Lifestyle Blog Says:

    […] So we thought it would be fun and long overdue to give some well deserved blogosphere attention to a bunch of podcasts. […]

  2. chris2x Says:

    Thanks for the inclusion in your list.

    Amateur Traveler podcast

  3. aguyandagirl Says:

    Honored to be listed here. Thanks for the nod!

    Joe and Pam
    A Guy a Girl and a Bottle wine podcast

  4. P List #2 of Mainstream Podcasts « Luxury Lifestyle Blog Says:

    […] Indie podasters will continue to thrive and you can checkout some of those early pioneers in our P List of Podcasts.  But the 800 pound gorillas have followed suit and put out their own podcasts.  Many of the […]

  5. insomnimedia Says:

    Thrilled to be on the list guys, all of us at Insomnia Radio thank you. Tons. Keep up the great work!

  6. meanderingmouse Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the mention. I’m honored to be among some AMAZING productions out there.

    Jeff from Houston
    Host of The Meandering Mouse Podcast
    Founder of The Disney Podcast Network

  7. jeffhinz Says:

    Great list guys!

    How about giving some love to the FRIDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY – a podsafe music podcast to end the week and feel the beat!



    Jeff Hinz

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