World’s Best Irish Pubs


“Mush-a ring dum-a do dum-a da, wack fall the daddy-o, wack fall the daddy-o, there’s whiskey in the jar.” Have any greater words ever been spoken? For those of us who are lovers of everything Irish, the answer is a resounding “no”!

Irish pubs (and their accompanying drinking songs) have long stood as one of the best ways that people come together to socialize through libations and song.  Having become increasing popular over the years due to the stylish and refined way they are designed and operated – what remains the same is the admiration of Guinness, the consumption of “fish ‘n chips” and of course – celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

So… whether you’re looking for a spot to grab an ice-cold pint of lager, or simply in search of where to spend this year’s St. Patty’s day, here’s journeyPod’s top picks for the Worlds Best Irish Pubs:


The Burren (Somerville, MA) – If Irish music is what you’re looking for then Irish music is what you shall receive.  Above everything else, The Burren is known for live bands that’ll truly make you feel like you’ve found a home in Ireland – via Somerville, Massachusetts. By offering things such as Irish comedy shows and Irish dancing classes The Burren presents more than your typical Irish pub.  Just remember, make sure to pack your dancing shoes!

The Gravity Bar (Dublin, IR) – Two words for all you Guinness-loving friends:  Must See! Taking a trip to Ireland and not checking out the Gravity Bar (which also happens to be situated on the very top-level panoramic view floor of the Guinness Storehouse) is like going to Disneyland and missing out on Mickey!  First off, each floor gives you a spectacle of what the Guinness World is truly about. From this tour you’ll get a chance to do everything from starting an actual brewing process to pouring your own pint of Guinness Beer.  And, when you finally make your way up to the seventh floor – relax, relate, and release – your frustrations with a genuine pint of Guinness heaven.

Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub (Savannah, GA) – So, what do you do when your small town happens to have the second largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the United States? You open up one of the hottest Irish Pubs!  With well over 400,000 visitors each year for the cities’ St. Patrick’s Day festivities, it’s really no wonder why Kevin Barry’s is such a hotspot. Located in the beautiful and well-known historic district of Savannah, Georgia, this spot’s no more than just pure down home Irish “craic”(that’s Irish – for fun, friendly, and exuberant atmosphere).


The Black Rose (Boston, MA) – A huge fan favorite among those in Boston, people can hardly get enough of The Black Rose’s Irish Carbombs – which is generally a special combo of Irish whiskey, stout and Irish cream.  Just be sure to do your homework before coming here… with Boston’s high population of Irish descendents, the authenticity may be a bit overwhelming for first-timers. Get ready for some loud singing, great seafood, and cold mugs.

Chief O’Neill’s (Chicago, IL) – Are you searching for a pub where you could bring the entire family? Of all the pubs we’ve stumbled across, Chief O’Neill’s seems to be the most family-friendly. With their combination of pub, restaurant, banquet facility, private rooms and magnificent gardens, it’s easy to divide party-time and family time. Another great thing to think about:  the place can also customize parties and events for as little as 25 people or as many as 300.  So, get your best buds and party gals ready – and head on over!

Brogans (London, UK) – Okay, this may be hard to believe… but there are some great Irish pubs in London! For all you skeptics… just check out Brogans.  From the moment you arrive, you’ll see that the even the very refined Englishmen can enjoy a good glass of Guinness (just like the rest of us can). Although Brogans is not as dark and cozy as traditional Irish pubs, the spot still offers some the best beers and menu selections of all pubs.  If you’re really craving a true Irish meal, go for the Irish stew pot on for size – a neat tasty mixture of Irish lamb, carrots, swede, potatoes and fresh herbs, served up with a basket of Irish soda bread. Could it get any better than that?

The Harp (Sydney, AU) – Perhaps the second best country to enjoy a few rounds of beer is Australia. When it comes to drinking and being merry, few others do it better than the blokes in Sydney.  Every Sunday, The Harp has traditional music; on Thursday through Sunday the place brings live acts to perform on their in-house stage.  Some of today’s most well-known Irish performers have even been on this stage, including: The Furey Brothers, Finbar Furey, Lunasa, Martin Hayes, Andy Irvine, Seamus Begley, Jim Murray and many others. If you do stop by, we recommend you go on Wednesday – which is the infamous Irish Night!

O’Reilly’s (San Francisco, CA) – We simply can not get enough of O’Reilly’s! If there’s a more eventful Irish experience in the states, we beg you to let us know! During the spring, the San Francisco area comes together for the Annual San Francisco Oyster and Beer Festival.  Due to the large crowd that the festivities draw, this happens to be O’Reilly’s biggest time of year. The place contributes to the festivities by bringing together Irish performers, dancers and entertainers!  Definitely not to be missed!


Moran’s Oyster Cottage (Galway City, IR) – Seafood! Seafood! And oh yeah, Seafood! Oysters are the name of the game at this small cozy nontraditional pub. Located on the outskirts of Ireland, Moran’s Oyster Cottage has some of the best menu selections in all of Ireland. But, you don’t have to believe us!  Go on and ask some of their well-known customers and your favorite celebs like Naomi Campbell, Bono, Woody Allen, Pierce Brosnan, Brian McFadden and Julia Roberts.

Fado Irish Pub (Chicago, IL) – Really want to start your night off right?  Take a trip by the Fado Irish Pub located in Chicago, IL. Join them to watch your favorite sports team on huge flat-screens televisions, participate in open jam sessions, and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like you’ve always wanted. Did we forget to mention that St. Patrick’s Day in this Windy City has some of the most unique celebrations that we’ve ever seen? After the party has ended, make sure to take a quick drive over to the Chicago River and check out the spot that has magically turned a beautiful fluorescent green color.  

The Irish Cottage (Galena, IL) – This hotel/bar offers a very unique experience for the traveler that wants to visit a true pub but also wants a place to sit down and relax.  At the Irish Cottage , folks can enjoy as many beers as they’d like and then retreat into a nice hotel room – for even more indulgence!  After a heavy night of partying, wake up the next morning and spoil yourself with a superior spa treatment and massage at the Wild Clover Day Spa located right there in the Hotel.

The Old Shillelagh (Detroit, MI) – Be sure to bring your designated driver to this very traditional Irish pub. After the drinks have been drunk and the songs have been sung… it’s quite easy to believe that you’re able to accomplish the impossible. The Old Shillelagh can only be described as a good time. So, if you’re simply in the mood for a night out on the town and good times are your main priority, look no further than Old Shillelagh!  Their in-house band (the Black Mist) performs every Friday and Saturday and they encourage sing-a-longs!


The Crown Liquor Saloon (Belfast, IR) – Another popular hotspot, The Crown Bar is not to be missed when in Belfast. The beauty of this place has been noted by many of its customers and it’s about time for it to go noticed once more. This is the bar to go to if you want to see a beautiful genuine style that has been unmatched by any other bar in the world. Bring you camera and enjoy yourself at this jewel of a spot!

Claddagh Irish Pub (Pittsburgh, PA) – The food here is absolutely amazing! No other bar on our list offers as much and for so little! Come check out Claddagh Irish Pub and enjoy the company of fellow pub-lovers. With fun events like the Dart Leagues, Pub Time, Quiz Trivia Nights – you’ll never go bored at this place.

The Emerald Rose (Billerica, MA) – The Emerald Rose has truly been touched by “the luck of the Irish”.  Although they may appear to be ordinary, this spot is more than what meets the eye.   Another fan favorite among Bostonites, its considered one of the best places to enjoy the pub scene right outside of the Boston area. Many have suggested that they prefer The Emerald Rose because of the calm natural of the bar. We suggest because it’s simply spectacular!



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  1. World’s Best Irish Pubs « Luxury Travel & Luxury Lifestyle Blog Says:

    […] So… whether you’re looking for a spot to grab an ice-cold pint of lager, or simply in search of where to spend this year’s St. Patty’s day, here’s journeyPod’s top picks for the Worlds Best Irish Pubs: […]

  2. World’s Best Irish Pubs « Luxury Travel & Luxury Lifestyle Blog Says:

    […] So…whether you’re looking for a spot to grab an ice cold lager, or simply in search of where to spend this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, here’s journeyPod’s top picks for the World’s Best Irish Pubs! […]

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