Best Pizzas From Around The World

From deep-dish to thin crust, it’s hard to resist a good pizza! Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover-type, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest pizza spots from around the country.Ever feel like there is not enough cheese on your pizza, too many onions or too little sauce? Worry no more! When you check out one of these places, you’ll have no complaints – just a mouth-full of pie.

Any way you slice it, these our journeyPod’s Picks for the best pizza:

Pete and Eldas (Neptune City, NJ) – A landmark at the Jersey Shore (for 50 years), this Pizzeria specializes in the thin-crust style pizza. Families and friends gather around the tables, enjoying the friendly atmosphere over a pint of lager and the most popular sports channels. With many different styles and sizes to choose from you won’t leave this place hungry. Especially if you’re up for the challenge: eat, by yourself, one extra-extra large pie – and win a free T-shirt!

Formula Uno (Rome, Italy) – You cannot make a Best Pizza List without a couple of entries from the Homeland! Known as the best pizza in Italy, this crowded spot never dies down. The menu is printed on paper place mats and a night here will set you back maybe 10 Euros (and that includes a beer and an appetizer!). It’s a tucked away surprise near the main train station that many tourists don’t know about. Until now…

Da Silvio Pizzeria (Venice, Italy) – Guests here enjoy their slices outside in the garden. Known for its endless possibilities when it comes to Pizza and their slogan “come te vuole” (as you wish), Da Silvio’s selections offer some of the freshest ingredients in Italy. Just make sure you save room for their decadent chocolate biscotti!

Totonnos (New York City, NY) – If you ask what time they close, the owner will tell you it’s when they run out of dough. This can cut the night short, since the place is hopping from as early as 11 am. So if you are in the mood for one of these mouthwatering slices, just make sure you call ahead. The oldest continuously operating pizza joint in the US run by the same family, Totonnos continues to satisfy regulars and tourists alike.

Gino’s East (Chicago, IL) – In a city known as the “pizza capital of the world” this place shines above all. The legendary deep-dish pizza has been attracting the crowds for over 40 years. The secret golden crust and fresh vine-ripened tomatoes make this a tasty treat worth mentioning. With other great treats starting from the appetizers, this joint is something to be proud of.

Tacconelli’s (Philadelphia, PA) – In its 5th generation, this one-man/one-oven pizza bakery is a true delight, and is considered the very best pizza south of NY. Italian classics and fun pop music greet guests from the popular jukebox – both of which are bound to put you in a fun mood. Since closing time depends on how long the dough lasts, make a reservation. Just remember: you aren’t reserving yourself a seat – you’re just reserving your dough! We love the spinach and garlic white pizza.

Una Pizza Napoletana (New York City, NY) – Seriously, who needs Italy? This is, by far, the best pizza in the City – “The Best, Jerry…the best.” Each bite is light, fragrant and oh-so delish! The buffalo mozzarella is shipped directly from Italy and pairs nicely with the finger-licking-good basil-infused tomato sauce.

Pepe’s Pizzeria (New Haven, CT) – “Nothing trendy, just the real thing” is the slogan which comes to mind when tasting one of these fresh-to-order pizzas. The wait can be a pain, but after your first bite – you’ll learn that each minute on line was worth every bit of hassle. A legend in the area since 1925, guests at Pepe’s are greeted with a sign that reads “tomato pies made-to-order”, instead of a menu. Pick n’ choose your favorite combination on top of a mild tomato sauce – the fresh clam white pizza is our fav!

John’s Pizzeria (New York City, NY): Located in the heart of Greenwich Village (with two other locations in NYC), John’s is the epitome of a perfect pizza. For many aficionados, there’s simply no other pizza place. Established in 1929, fans still swarm here for a piece of the coal-fired pie that’s simply divine. Be prepared to be greeted at the door with the aroma of garlic and a wet palette in search of fulfillment – no problem here (slices are not available – full pie only).

Luigi’s Famous Pizza (Ocean Township, NJ) – Another solid entrant from the Jersey Shore, this famous eatery will make you crave their tasty pizza with just one bite. They do delicious home-style pizza without any fancy tricks. Plain and simple never tasted so good!

Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix, AZ) – Guests have been known to wait up to 4 hours in line for a slice of heaven created by pizza genius Chris Bianco. Although the menu consists of only 6 different pizzas to choose from (with a strict rule of no substitutions), Pizzeria Bianco continues to amaze its customers with a dedication and unique style (Chris Bianco is in the kitchen 7 days a week). Make sure you try the “Wiseguy” pizza – with wood roasted onions, fennel sausage and house-smoked mozzarella.

Sorrento’s (Pearl River, NY) – Located just outside of NYC, in Rockland County, this long standing neighborhood icon offers a tasty twist on the tried and true NY Slice, the mother of all slices. Luigi and his crew serve up giant triangle slices of the freshest ingredients, olive oil, bottled spring water and puffy cloud like cheeses floating in a sea of fresh red sauce. What makes their slice so great is the crust. We are not talking about a thin, crispy or thick and chewy crust, that is a matter of preference on your part. What we love about this crust is the “Semolina Flour”, Semolina adds a slight orange hue to the crust and adds a taste of the old country. The Garlic knots rock too. You will not and cannot be disappointed.

Spris (Miami, FL) – A virtuous Italian pizzeria and more, Spris (pronounced “sprees”) is named after the famous aperitif from the Veneto Region. Awarded “Best Pizza” by the Miami New Times, Spris is considered “Best Gourmet Pizza” by Sun Post and has received an “Excellent” critique by the Zagat Survey. With over 30 mouth-watering varieties baked in a wood-burning brick oven, Spris’ famed thin-crust pizza is sure to please just about anyone. (And what’s best – they’re open till 3 a.m. – perfect for those South Beach night crawlers!)

Arinell Pizza (Mission, CA) – If you can’t make your way to the East Coast – this is the mother of all NY-style pizzerias in San Fran. You’ll be disappointed at any other pizza joint if you are used to NY pizza – so don’t even waste your time anywhere else. The large slices (thin enough to hold folded) boast finger-lickin’ tomato sauce and hot strings of cheese that’ll bring back many of your childhood memories. Just know, Arinell Pizza isn’t much to look at – take your pie to go.

Rays Pizza (New York City, NY) – A mystery to Kramer and Jerry who wondered which Rays was the original pizza house! We have looked up the oldest and best to find it in Little Italy at 27 Prince Street. Ralph Cuomo opened this little pizza shop in 1959, and has served the best pizza in NYC since. The location on 11th St. and 6th Ave. comes in as our second pick.

Piece (Bucktown, IL) – Where else can you create your own East Coast, thin-crust style pizza in a trendy and casual bar atmosphere? Oblong and in three different offerings (red, plain or white), the famous pizza here is hand-padded (not tossed) and treated with just the right amount of olive oil, oregano and cheese. Piece also features games shown on projection screens and TVs, live Jazz on Wednesdays, karaoke night Thursdays, and live bands on Saturdays. So, if you’re more Dockers, than DKNY – make your way here.

Pizzetta 221 (Richmond, CA) – More than just a brick-oven pizza place that uses the freshest ingredients – out in the deep Richmond fog, this place is a pizza joint like no other. Known by few but the locals, this is not your typical pizzeria. Though there’s usually a wait to get into this tiny place, there are worse things than drinking Peroni with your friends while you wait for a table to eat the thin-crust heaven. You might mistake this place for somebody’s house – so keep on the lookout and bring cash.

Eco (Clapham, London) – Going strong for over 13 years, this pizza hot spot offers some of the most interesting pizza selections you’ve ever seen. Kick off your appetite with the salmon & sour cream pizza with spinach and capers – but make sure you save room for the Margherita pizza – definitely a world-class choice. Just remember not to go overboard if you’re designing your own slice of heaven – Eco is extremely generous with their toppings!

Santa Lucia (Paris, France) – Looking for a slice that resembles a NYC-style or classic Italian pizza? Santa Lucia hits the spot! You’ve got to try their traditional specialties that include the Margherita or Napolitana (with anchovies)! A superb pizza spot that even Clint Eastwood and Brad Pitt have been known to enjoy.


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    […] To see the complete list of best pizzas around the world, visit journeyPod’s article. […]

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    an addition — Danano’s in Derry, Northern Ireland

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