Lick This


It used to be America’s long fascination with Ice Cream started and ended with Vanilla and Chocolate Flavors. Then parlors such as Steve’s Mix-In of Boston came along- I still remember the first time I tried one made by Steve himself. Then Ben & Jerry’s and soon Ice cream went Hollywood.

Today we have a host of Gourmet Ice Cream flavors to consider, some with prices that rival a decent bottle of wine. Even Dogs and Pets are getting dedicated Ice Creams just for them. WOW!

Today a number of boutique, smaller dairies are creating flavors which by some seem exotic but to the locals, they are truly flavors of comfort as the ingredients are usually grown locally.

Check out these unusual flavors and if your lucky enough to taste any of these, send us a comment to let us know what you think.

Ancho Chilli – Made Fresh in Cambridge, MA by Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream. This ice cream has a mild chilli taste and the fresh taste of green tea, safron and even fennel. Truly a ethnic taste and one to be enjoyed.

Black Licorice – Although I am not aware of anyone besides myself that still enjoys a good piece of Black licorice, Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream in Madison, WI and several others still make this Ice Cream that has been around since the 1930’s. This would be a great addition to Black Coffee and cannoli.

Blueberry Cream Pie – Created by Mayfield Dairy Farms in Athens, TN. This cream has a cream cheese ice cream swirled with blueberry and pie crust. What a taste to cool yourself down while indulging- on a hot summer evening.

Bumbleberry – Another fine and unique product coming out of the beautiful state of Maine. Giffords Ice Cream of Skowhegan has a great Bumbleberry Crumble Ice Cream that tastes like a baked fruit salad pie of traditional New England fruits -plums, raspberries and strawberry’s.

Date – Local residents in Palm Springs, who are often surrounded by Date Trees requested the flavor of Lapperts Ice Cream in Richmond , CA. Soon the owners obliged with a unique and tasty Date Ice Cream.

Ginger – I was first introduced to Ginger Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry’s of Vermont. In limited supply, their Festivus Cup is one of the Best Ice Cream follow ups to a meal I have ever enjoyed. If you like Ginger, this is the Ice Cream for you.

Honey Sunflower Vanilla – Fjords Ice Cream of Rapid City, SD uses the available surrounding ingredients when they created the great tasting Honey Sunflower Vanilla flavor that uses local ingredients- sunflower and honey for a wholesome and fresh taste.

Mint Chocolate Chip – Baumgarts in Englewood, NJ serves up fresh, creamy and chunky Mint Chocolate Chip made fresh daily. Its an oldy but goody when its homemade like this.

Rocky Road – Yeah, its an oldie but for me, Rocky Road is whatever I want to mix in and try. Here is one of my recent mixtures – Chopped Almonds, Crushed Graham Cracker, Fluff and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate shavings.


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    […] Ancho Chilli – Born and created in Cambridge, MA by Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream. This ice cream has a mild chilli taste and the fresh taste of green tea, safron and even fennel pollen. Truly a ethnic taste and one we enjoyed immensely. Read More ….. […]

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