Top 13 Scariest Halloween Haunted Houses in America

By: Darren Benda

With Halloween coming up this Sunday, we hope you’re ready for three nights of  Halloween fun. Whether that means three nights of trick-or-treating, going to that “Spectacular Halloween Costume Bash” at a club in your city or attending your friend’s Halloween party, you have three nights to go all out. So instead of dressing up as Lady Gaga, Snooki or Justin Bieber (our personal favorite), why not mix it up and check out a haunted house.

In honor of Halloween, journeyPod has selected the Top 13 Halloween Haunted Houses, guaranteed to be worth your while. If you love watching people wet themselves in fright, then these Haunted Houses are best bets for you to attend. Hate being scared by that petrifying clown holding an axe? Well, then stay at home with the babysitter.

13. The Cutting Edge Haunted House in Dallas, Texas

Built in 1908 as an abandoned meatpacking plant, this haunted house is nicknamed “Hell’s Half Acre”. There’s a reason they offer discounts on their websites, after you go there once, you’ll be too scared to go back.

12. Shocktoberfest in Reading, Pennsylvania

Why everyone can’t enjoy a haunted prison, 3D maze, spooky cemetery along with a frightful hayride, is beyond our belief. This abandoned industrial park offers all the amenities you would want in a haunted house. One tip: don’t try to make small talk with the hayride operator. Try it and let us know what happens.

11. USS Nightmare in Newport, Kentucky

Built on a real steamboat, this haunted boat will for sure scare all captains, first mates and children. Their motto “Come Aboard if You Dare” stands true, as each quarter of the ship is designed differently. The only tip we’ll give you is to be careful in the captain’s quarter, once you enter it you only have two ways out: the icy ocean or the plank!

10. Nightmare: Face Your Fear in New York City, New York

As if New York traffic wasn’t haunted enough, this haunted house will scare all regardless of your borough. Face Your Fear guarantees that the insane asylum-themed house will give you nightmares for days. No wonder it was ranked AOL Cityguide’s No. 1 rated haunted attraction in NYC.

9. Erebus Haunted House in Pontiac, Michigan

This haunted house is notorious for the wait you’ll have in order to get in. Some say that you’ll wait longer outside than it takes to go through the largest walk-through haunted house in the States. It’ll be worth the wait, as the four-story haunted house will scare all. Go to this one in big groups, it will be worth the laugh!

8. Seven Floors of Hell in Cleveland, Ohio

What about the seven floors of hell didn’t you understand? Noted as the largest haunted house in Ohio, each floor will amaze you. From the cellblock full of dead inmates to the haunted circus, you’ll be in for a surprise. If you think you are brave, try making it on the 7th floor: the haunted cemetery.

7. Haunted Overload in Exeter, New Hampshire

This haunted house is unique in its own kind, as a portion of the proceeds are donated to help animal shelters in New Hampshire. So attending this place is money well spent…if you enjoy headless chainsaw men running after you while spooky goblins try to make small talk with you!

6. 13th Gate Haunted House in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This haunted house was voted the scariest haunted location in the south by MTV for all the right reasons. Over the course of the 16 years this venue has been open no one has gotten hurt…yet. But that doesn’t mean the zombies and vampires that are awaiting around the corner won’t get you…

5. Asylum & Hotel Fear in Las Vegas, Nevada

This haunted house wins for originality as it’s built completely on semi-truck trailers. So the tight space will make all attendees uneasy as monsters, spooky goblins and live actors will pounce on every step of the way!

4. The Bates Motel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Just to give you a glimpse of how scary this haunted house is, go to their website. Their R-Rated videos should hype you up enough to check out this haunted mainstay in Philadelphia. The haunted hayride will have more stunts, monsters and special effects than most can take.

3. The Creepyworld in St. Louis, Missouri

Located in downtown St. Louis, Creepyworld is great places to people watch people spooked. No wonder this haunted house was featured on NBC’s Today Show. Creepyworld is called America’s biggest scream park for good reasons. If you’re within an hour or two drive of St. Louis, it’s definitely worth a visit.

2.  The Headless Horseman in Poughkeepsie, New York

Doesn’t the name scare you enough? Having to wander around this dim-lit house wondering if the headless horseman, himself, will spook you. Trust us, he will. He’ll get you when you least expect it. The 45-acre property includes a spooky outdoor portion of the house, even we were too afraid to see. No wonder they make you sign a liability disclaimer when you enter.

1.  The Netherworld Haunted House in Atlanta, Georgia

What’s scarier than a multi-level haunted house filled with dim lights, dark attractions and live actors salivating at petrified attendees! Top that with crazy special effects and huge monsters waiting around every corner, The Netherworld Haunted House guarantees that it will scare the “jeepers creepers” out of you.


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  1. Top 13 Halloween Haunted Houses in America « Luxury Travel Nightlife & Restaurant Reviews Says:

    […] In honor of Halloween, journeyPod has selected the Top 13 Halloween Haunted Houses, guaranteed to be worth your while. Read on… […]

  2. Top 13 Halloween Haunted Houses in America « Luxury Travel Nightlife & Restaurant Reviews Says:

    […] In honor of Halloween, journeyPod has selected the Top 13 Halloween Haunted Houses, guaranteed to be worth your while. Read on… […]

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