Hong Kong Tourism Board Presents Culinary Adventures: Cantonese Cuisine, “Wet Markets” & Fine Dining

Are you a foodie? Then you’re in luck! Three Pearl River Delta Destinations present: “Richard Bangs’ Adventures with Purpose: Quest for Harmony in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong”. We were impressed with their culinary video which showcases  some of the most unique aspects of dining in Hong Kong – from the local wet markets to fine dining this short video offers an authentic look at the diversity of culinary choices available to experience in Hong Kong:

Watch: Hong Kong Culinary Adventures: Cantonese Cuisine, “Wet Markets”, and Fine Dining (VIDEO)

Top 10 Things We Learned About Cantonese Cuisine & Hong Kong Culinary Travel:

1.    Did you know that Hong Kong has 62 Michelin-starred restaurants?

2.    Dim Sum is an old-world Cantonese custom – it literally means “to touch the heart” — Hong Kong boasts the best international dim sum chefs featuring delicacies such as steamed pork spareribs, steamed buns with roast pork, and har gao, shrimp dumplings with a translucent skin.

3.    The four prime seafood locations for waterfront dining in Hong Kong are – Sai Kung, Lei Yue Mun, and the islands of Lamma and Cheung Chau.

4.    Originally popular as a cold weather tradition, family and friends gather over “Hotpots” – soup over a fire where seafood, meats, and vegetables are added for a hearty meal and to share time with family and friends.  Huddling over a Hotpot has evolved and is now a year-round favorite.

5.    Yum cha (‘drinking tea’) is an integral part of Hong Kong’s culinary culture and local tea houses are called “Cha Chaan Teng” – When you see tea-drinkers tapping the table with three fingers of the same hand, it is a silent expression of gratitude to the member of the party who has refilled.

6.    Hong Kong boasts more than 11,000 restaurants.

7.    Hong Kong’s Food Expo 2012 will be August 16-20, 2012 – The annual Food Expo pays homage to Hong Kong’s reputation as the Culinary Capital of Asia. With a wide variety of foods to whet everyone’s appetite, the fair is a melting pot of culinary creations from the East and West.

8.    When having Dim Sum people in Hong Kong often combine their meal with a combination platter of barbequed meats – you will find that Hong Kong teahouses’ “barbeque stations” are filled with roasted duck, honey-glazed pork, suckling pigs, spare ribs and many other Chinese barbequed items.

9.    Enjoying egg tarts over a cup of “yuanyang,” a soothing drink made with coffee and milk tea, is the standard Hong Kong afternoon snack.

10.  Locals in Hong Kong like cooking over high heat to capture the “Wok Hei.” Wok Hei is the way a skilled chef captures aromas and tastes by flash frying ingredients in a wok using a delicate balance of intense heat and controlled  time – to enjoy the flavorful essence of food!

Explore your own “Quest for Harmony” video at:  http://YouTube.com/HongKongTravelVideos


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