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journeyPod Rallies Support for Ashton Kutcher at CNN Center in Atlanta as He Chases CNN on Twitter

April 16, 2009

With all of the buzz in the Social Media world about Ashton Kutcher vs CNN on Twitter and how one person like Ashton can overtake CNN for the most followers, we decided to support user generated content and join in the fun.  And since we are based in Atlanta we figured why not head down to the CNN Center or the lion’s den to see what was cookin.   Read on for the full scoop.


P List #2 of Mainstream Podcasts

April 28, 2007

It seems that Goliath likes to copy little David.  Podcasting started as a grass roots alternative to mainstream media.  Indie podasters will continue to thrive and you can checkout some of those early pioneers in our P List of Podcasts.  But here are our new picks for the big guy podcasts…