Las Ventanas – Heaven in Mexico


By: Inna Shamis

Located in Mexico, on the southern coast of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos is precisely where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez – a captivating and spectacular place to be. 

With nearly 360 days of sunshine, breathtaking ocean views and unsurpassed natural beauty, this area will captivate you in more ways than one.  In particular, because of its home to the Las Ventanas resort.

Renowned for redefining luxury, Las Ventanas al Paraiso is a “window to paradise” – just as its name implies.  Offering panoramic views, magnificent Mexi-Mediterranean design and décor, exceptional service, generous accommodations and amenities, and unprecedented attention to every single detail, its no surprise that Las Ventanas has been recognized as one of the world’s premier resorts. 

Having earned the coveted AAA Five-Diamond Award, Las Ventanas has built its reputation as one of the world’s premier resorts with its unmatched innovations, service, hospitality and amenities! 

Today, Las Ventanas celebrates its 10th anniversary, having brought forth an unparalleled level of luxury and hospitality – not only to Latin America, but also to the travel industry. 

The Experience



It all begins from the moment you reserve your travel to Las Ventanas.  The first step is a “Personal Profile” that is filled out – which ultimately assists the resort with information on your preferences and needs during the stay.  Talk about a way to make the travel as memorable and as special as possible! 

A Las Ventanas host awaits you at the airport with a car that will whisk you away to the secluded resort.  In keeping with the VIP treatment, the car is equipped with bottled water, reading materials, a mobile phone (for complimentary calls) and Mexican sweets to whet your appetite.  There’s more to that later… 

Upon arrival at the resort, as you enter this Mexican “window to paradise”, you are personally greeted and shown to your suite (where the private check-in process ensues, in lieu of a traditional hotel front desk).  In the room, you are also welcomed with your very own tequila – exclusively made for Las Ventanas.  (Not a bad way to get started on a festive foot – Mexico style!)  

Featuring only 71 suites at the resort, all of the accommodations are grand in size and in style.  Boasting handcrafted décor made by local artisans and exquisite amenities, the suites also offer jacuzzis, marble bathrooms, wood-burning terracotta fireplaces, personal telescopes (for whale-watching and star-gazing) and in-suite aromatherapy turndown service. All this, with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open up to your very own private terrace (a luxuriously cozy sitting area that features hand-tiled accents and luscious landscaping). 


Dining, Cabos Style



As if you need any more reasons to visit, Las Ventanas has been recognized in setting the culinary scene in Los Cabos with “Cocina del Fuego” (which translates to “Fire Cuisine”).  A cooking technique that incorporates wood-burning brick and clay ovens and custom grills – each dish is infused with the unbelievably delicious flavors of different woods, olive oils and herbs.   

Fabrice Guisset, as Executive Chef at Las Ventanas (and one of the world’s few masters of this unique cooking style) has not only garnered international attention for himself and the resort, but also for Los Cabos’ dining scene.  (Check out journeyPod’s interview with the man who introduced this “little-known” culinary art to Las Ventanas.) 

The dining options at the resort include the Sea Grill, The Restaurant and the great Tequila and Ceviche bar (which offers tequila lessons taught by the resort’s very own tequileros). 

 From the signature Baja-Mediterranean Cuisine to the Cocina Del Fuego menu, the culinary options at Las Ventanas are mouth-watering and undeniably delicious!  Some of our favorites included the Seafood Burritos, Huachinango (red snapper) and the signature Totopos (tortilla chips with homemade guacamole and salsa).    

Inside the Paradise   




Las Ventanas is a haven for the sun-worshippers and pool-lovers.  The resort features five (yes, we did say five!) infinity-edge swimming pools with the Sea of Cortez as a backdrop – blending the pool’s edge, the horizon and the ocean into one seamless panorama (a view that’s simply spectacular!).  These areas are filled with the resort’s Pool Butlers, who take care of guests’ every and any need – from bringing ice buckets filled with bottled water and refreshing guests with Evian spray mists, to providing sunblock, reading material and sunglass cleaning. 

For those more interested in the R&R treatment or health & fitness options, the resort features The Spa – which has also accumulated a great share of international recognition for its menu of services (treatments and therapies that hail from all over the world).  Some of our favorites included the Sea Enzyme Body Wrap with Green Tea & Ginger and the Nopal Detox Wrap.  

For fitness fanatics, Las Ventanas has set the standard with the Fitness Center – boasting a state-of-the-art facility filled with an abundance of equipment and accessories; along with a revolutionary new “Body Age Evaluation System” – designed to determine one’s physical status in order to compose a personalized workout and fitness regimen that maximizes the time spent in the gym. 

Windows to Paradise




Its no surprise that the experience we encountered at Las Ventanas was as much amazing as it was intentional.  Every single aspect had been carefully planned and diligently designed for us to “see, feel and taste” – making it an über-feast for the senses. 

As the only Five Diamond resort in Los Cabos and the first ultra-luxury hotel, it is clear why Las Ventanas has set a new level in luxury.  With its unrivaled quality and service standards, its also no surprise that the resort has played host to A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Simpson, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé and Jay-Z… among others. 

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate dream getaway, romantic retreat or just good ol’ rest and relaxation, Las Ventanas offers a truly unforgettable experience! 

For more about this crem-de-la-crème of luxury resorts and what the industry’s ultimate innovator has in store for the future, listen in on journeyPod’s interview with Resort Manager, Christian Tavelli.


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