Outdoor Adventure Meets Small Town Charm


Paris.  Tokyo.  New York.  Chattanooga.  Ok, so you caught us.  Yes, journeyPod usually sticks to the trendy destinations.  But once in a while, we like to throw in something a bit different.  Since most people have never been to Chattanooga, we wanted to shed a little light on this unique Tennessee city which offers a lot more than you would think.

Chattanooga is in fact a place where you can see 7 US States from one spot which happens to be over 1700 feet above sea level.  At the top of Lookout Mountain you’ll find Rock City where you can take in the beautiful view and do some hiking.  Rock City offers ancient rock formations and breaktaking vistas.  Explore the caves and enjoy the gardens.  This is the type of attraction where you can get outside and participate in the fun. 

While you are up there, head over to Ruby Falls to descend 260 feet into the mountain.  They say it is an experience 200 million years in the making.  No worries, it will only take you about an hour to do the tour.  1120 feet underground you will discover Ruby Falls.  If you love spelunking or caverns or just hanging out underground, this is your type of attraction.

Chattanooga has a ton of outdoor activities from hang gliding to skydiving to white water rafting. 

The Tennessee Aquarium is one of the country’s best featuring sharks, penguins, otters, and more.  Chattanooga makes for a great weekend getaway and is very family friendly.

Looking for Chattanooga hotels or places to stay?  We recommend The Chattanoogan which is an urban resort right downtown.  Luxury accommodations await you (and so does free WiFi).  They also have their own spa to take the edge off.

And we must mention the hottest club in town called The Mix.  You would not expect to find such a hip establishment in Chattanooga, but The Mix turns your Southern Stereotype on its head.  The Mix has a sleek interior with plenty of talent.  The crowd is a nice blend of young professionals.

Chattanooga is known for its BBQ.  Famous Dave’s is a small chain, but don’t let that fool you as their pulled pork is quite tasty.  You can also sample Sticky Fingers (with their multiple locations) or Sugar’s Ribs.  Let us know which of these three you prefer!  And be sure to visit our BBQ Picks for the best pork barbeque in the country.

All in all, we really enjoyed our time in this under-rated city.  Checkout Chattanoogafun.com for more ideas and attraction info.



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