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Top Beaches From Around the World

June 28, 2007


All right all you beach bums and sun worshippers out there… you have so many options, and so little time. But don’t fret… THIS is what you have been waiting for. journeyPod has gone to great lengths to bring you a list of the top beaches in the world.


Chef’s Corner with Brad Farmerie

June 14, 2007


You read the reviews, listen to the praises from friends and colleagues, or happen to catch one of your favorite celebrities exiting that very spot you’ve been meaning to check out.

You know what the folks on the outside are saying, but have you ever gotten the story from someone on the inside?

journeyPod goes behind-the-scenes in Chef’s Corner with some of the country’s most esteemed, critically-acclaimed, award-winning (and naturally, our favorite) culinary masterminds to get the real scoop!

Cool off with a Gourmet Ice Cream This Summer

June 7, 2007


It used to be that America’s long fascination with Ice Cream started and ended with Vanilla and Chocolate Flavors. Then parlors such as Steve’s Mix-In of Boston came along- I still remember the first time I tried one made by Steve himself. Then Ben & Jerry’s and soon Ice cream went Hollywood.

Today we have a host of Gourmet Ice Cream flavors to consider, some with prices that rival a decent bottle of wine. Even Dogs and Pets are getting dedicated Ice Creams just for them. WOW!

Today a number of boutique, smaller dairies are creating flavors which by some seem exotic but to the locals, they are truly flavors of comfort as the ingredients are usually grown locally.

Check out these unusual flavors and if your lucky enough to taste any of these, send us a comment to let us know what you think. Read More …..