Best Travel Gear & Accessories – Part II

International Conveniences 


Logitech QuickCam®  – On the road and miss your loved ones?  This little gadget is all you need to make video calls with your favorite IM application (MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Windows). Featuring a built-in microphone, the QuickCam lets you enjoy headset-free conversations with a high-quality integrated mic.  And, it even comes with its own Travel Case. 

Allergy Translation Cards – Traveling abroad with food allergies?  Get yourself an Allergy Translation Card to make your trip easier, avoid communication and other complications.  A credit-card-sized dietary accessory, the cards provide a food allergy and special diet language translation to be used as an alert tool in restaurants, hotels, etc.  

Franklin Electronic Publishers’ Speaking Global Translator – Traveling to a foreign country and don’t speak the native language?  Don’t fret!  This device contains translations of 12 languages with a database of more than 450,000 words (115,000 of which are recorded in a human voice) and 12,000 phrases.  A jet-setter’s dream, the translator also functions as a recorder, allowing travelers to record custom words or phrases that may be needed to communicate with locals easily. 


Hideki International Atomic Travel Clock – How many times have you found yourself in a hotel room attempting to figure out how to use and set the alarm clock?  No need!  Go for the world’s first international all-band radio-controlled and thinnest world travel clock (credit-card size) that’s simple to use, features syncing capability, dual alarms and snooze feature!   

Brookstone Universal Travel Adapter – If you ever find yourself in a foreign country, bring along this Universal travel power adapter.  It adjusts to fit any plug, with an all-in-one design that eliminates the need to carry country-specific adapters.  Folds easy and small enough to fit anywhere!  Perfect for all those accessories you typically bring along.  

There are several travelers:  those who pack their entire closet and those who take only the essentials.  But somehow, both kinds end up wishing they had traveled lighter.   

As most of us know… its nearly impossible to head anywhere with simply a passport and toothbrush (til now).  So, we’ve come up with some solutions for you!

Magellan’s Leather Travel Wallet Have you got your money in one spot, tickets in another and passport somewhere else?  This convenient accessory lets you keep all your travel documents all in one spot and organized.  With this travel wallet, your Passport, currency, credit cards and coins can now be stashed in their own handy compartments.  A useful exterior pocket even allows you to keep your boarding pass easily accessible; considering how many times you have to show it as you make your way to the departure gate – this is ideal! 


The Diapering Attaché – Traveling with a baby?  This accessory creates a stylish way to carry diapering essentials without the bulk of a traditional diaper bag.  It features three pockets, closes easily and comes with a coordinating changing pad.  Talk about traveling with comfort, efficiency and style! 


Zuca – Embarking on a weekend getaway?  Get a Zuca!   A perfect accessory for those on the go, the Zuca is the ultimate carry-all — lightweight, great for organizing everything you need (includes 5 removable packing pouches for clothing that are color-coded by size and stack like drawers on the inside), and even provides room to sit – which is simply wonderful when  standing in those annoying lines at the airport!

Clear® – On that note… do you hate the hassle of standing on line and going through airport security?  Get a fast pass with Clear® – a pre-screened high-tech card that allows travelers to access designated airport security fast lanes nationwide.  Find out more on how to “fly through airport security” at 

Now… if you really want to travel light, consider this solution: 

FlyLite – The “world’s only remote wardrobe manager”, FlyLite is a dream come true for jet-setters and those always on the go.  Thanks to FlyLite, you’ll never have to pack or carry a suitcase again – we mean ever, ever, ever!  The way that is works is easy too.  You simply register, fill and send your luggage, access your online iCloset, indicate what you want, where and when you need it for, then simply relax and enjoy the trip.  Ever wonder what it’s like to travel with just the clothes on your back – wonder no more!   

Need more suggestions? Check out – Travel Gear & Accessories – Part I 

Happy (and Easy) Travels!


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  1. Best Travel Gear & Accessories - Part II « Luxury Travel & Luxury Lifestyle Blog Says:

    […] As most of us know… its nearly impossible to head anywhere with simply a passport and toothbrush (til now).  So, we’ve come up with some solutions for you! […]

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