Chef’s Corner with Chef Stefan Bunning

The Academy of Hospitality Sciences – the world’s premiere organization for awarding excellence in travel, cuisine, luxury products, and services recognized the top 50 restaurants in Mexico at its annual Star Diamond Awards celebration on April 24 at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf and Spa Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. 

Of eight restaurants in the Los Cabos that received the organization’s prestigious Five Star Diamond Award, the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar is home to two of them – Pitahayas and De Cortez.

Chef Stefan Bunning the Executive Chef at De Cortez sat down and chatted with journeyPod this past week:

What three ingredients do you love to cook with?

Onions, bacon, and potatoes. I gotta have potatoes—I’m German!

When did you start cooking?
I was always in the kitchen with my Mom. At age 16 I started training as a Chef and studied in Bonn.

Who do you admire in the culinary world?

Chef Anton Mosimann. He’s a Swiss chef and I love his presentation.
What would you be if not a Chef?
I’d be a captain on ship!  I love the water.

What would you cook for your Last Supper?

I love BBQ. I would have my family together and we would BBQ.

What advice would you give to cooking enthusiasts?
Use fresh products. Don’t mix too many flavors.

Have you cooked for any celebs?
Sure! I have cooked for Formula One racer Ayrton Senna, Shakira (when I was in Peru—before she was really famous), Brazilian soccer player Diego Maradona, and Edison Arantes do Nascimento –who you may know better as Pelé.

For more information on Los Cabos, stay tuned for our upcoming podcast and Destination Guide.


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