Chef’s Corner with Chef Megan Reichman

Welcome to Paradise! No, really. journeyPod recently returned from Paradise Point Resort & Spa. This lush 44-acre vacation isle is in the heart of San Diego’s Mission Bay.  And nestled within these 44 acres of towering palm trees is a hidden gem called Baleen San Diego. And this is where Chef Megan Reichman works her magic!

journeyPod enjoyed a wonderful dinner, bayside, of course. Our favorites included the Steamed Carlsbad Mussels and Manilla Clams with Spanish Chorizo and Salsa Verde, Apple Brined and Glazed Pork Chop, Simply Wood Roasted Northern Halibut, and Truffle Fries! For dessert, we headed back to our bay view bungalow where a roaring fire awaited us on the beach and we made our own s’mores!

Chef Megan gave us some inside scoop on her journey with food:

What three ingredients do you love to cook with?

Butter, onions, and mushrooms.

Is there anything you don’t eat?

I’m allergic to squid/calamari. That’s why you’ll never see it on my menu. I don’t like urchin. I’ve tried it…even with foie gras. I don’t like it.
What would you be if not a Chef?

If I couldn’t cook it, I would sell it.  I would be a specialty food importer as well as providing chefs a venue to try and to buy products from boutique / small businesses and farms domestically.

What if you were out of the industry all together?

I would be a ski instructor in Chamany, France during the winter and in the summer I would either run a charter boat company with my husband out of New England or live off my riches and travel…

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve cooked?

On St. Bart’s I cooked for the Princess of Jordan.  She enjoyed pheasant, baby eel soup, shark fin, and roasted sweet prawns.

What advice would you give to cooking enthusiasts?

Know the basics. Read books and travel. You don’t need to go abroad. Just visit your city’s neighborhoods—Chinatown, Little Italy.

For more information on Paradise Point, stay tuned for our upcoming podcast!


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